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H1N1 American Pandemic : Chinese Propaganda Debunked!

It is very obvious by now that China is behind the H1N1 American Pandemic hoax. They keep bringing it up to deflect criticism over how they handled the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

We debunked this earlier, but we have to address it again because the Chinese Foreign Ministry has just made the same false claim.


H1N1 American Pandemic Is Chinese Propaganda

The H1N1 American pandemic started as a series of social media posts, shared on Facebook and WhatsApp (ironic, I know) by Sinophiles who used it to deflect criticism of China’s delay in acknowledging the COVID-19 coronavirusepidemic.

You may recall that, at that time, the news had leaked about Dr. Li Wenliang being forced to sign a false confession that he was spreading “untrue speech” about the burgeoning epidemic.

That later morphed into websites parroting the same false story, although at that time, many assumed they were just copying what was spreading on social media.

However, once Liu Xin from the Chinese news agency CGTN openly pushed the fake story, we knew it was part of a concerted action by the Chinese government :

And in a press conference on 5 March 2020, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian made the same pitch. It was as if they were all reciting from the same playbook.

Compare what Zhao Lijian said below, with what CGTN’s Liu Xin said in the video above. It was almost word-for-word the same statement!

The H1N1 flu that broke out in the US in 2009 spread to 214 countries and regions, killing at least 18,449 people that year alone. I don’t remember anyone asking the US to apologize.

But as powerful as Liu Xin and Zhao Lijian may be in their respective organisations, they are both telling a LIE.

And we are clearly saying that it is a lie, because it can be easily proven. Here are the facts…


H1N1 American Pandemic : Chinese Propaganda Debunked!

Fact #1 : CDC Did NOT Admit It Originated In The US

They keep claiming that the CDC admitted that the 2009 swine flu pandemic originated in the US. That’s actually not accurate.

The CDC is a US agency, and was reporting on the 2009 flu pandemic from the US perspective. Their Q&A only mentioned that it was first detected in the US in April 2009.

In the first WHO report on the disease, it was pointed out that while the US reported seven confirmed cases on 24 April 2009, the Mexican government admitted that they already picked up cases from 18 March 2009 onwards.

In other words, the 2009 flu epidemic started in Mexico for more than a month, before spreading to the US and the rest of the world, creating a pandemic.

Fact #2 : The 2009 H1N1 Flu Pandemic Started In Mexico!

The 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic actually originated in Veracruz, Mexico. That is over 500 kilometres from the nearest US border town of Brownsville, Texas.

Fact #3 : The Strain Is Called Pandemic Disease Mexico

After the 2009 H1N1 pandemic strain was confirmed to have originated in Mexico, it was known as the A(H1N1)pdm09, which is short for Influenza A (H1N1 subtype) Pandemic Disease Mexico 2009.


China, We Feel You… But There’s No Need To Lie

The Chinese government is fighting not just for the lives of their citizens, but its own life too – its ability to hold onto power.

And yes, it was offensive for Jesse Watters, a Fox News political commentator, to ask the Chinese government for an apology for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

As Zhao Lijian himself pointed out – anyone can be a victim, and we have to fight it together.

But it is still WRONG to promote a fake story about the H1N1 American pandemic.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, China… especially when it looks like you have been promoting this fake story LONG before some Fox News personality made an off-hand call for an apology.

So really, stop spreading this fake story. It is very obvious by now that it’s just Chinese propaganda… Continuing to promote it will just show the world that China cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

Do you really want to be put on the same (low) pedestal as Jesse Watters and Fox News? Think about that.


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