Avoid Hari Raya Traffic Jams Using Waze Planned Drives

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Millions of Malaysians travel each year for Hari Raya. To support the Malaysian public this Aidilfitri, Waze has analysed its 2016 Hari Raya app usage, including the four weeks before and after to obtain a baseline average.

This year, Waze is releasing its travel statistics for key metros from 21 June 2017 (Wednesday) to 25 June 2017 (Sunday) so you can plan your trip and avoid getting caught in the infamous Malaysian holiday traffic jams!

Avoid Hari Raya Traffic Jams Using Waze Planned Drives

As a navigation solution that can provide both historical data and real-time conditions to help drivers outsmart holiday traffic, Waze has used key metric data from last year to help users avoid traffic during peak hours around one of the busiest driving holidays of the year.


How To Avoid Hari Raya Traffic Jams Using Waze Planned Drives

To assist Wazers in their drives this Raya, Waze also advises using its “Planned Drives” feature; you simply tell the app when you need to reach your destination, and it will then alert you as to when you should leave, while taking into account things like expected traffic conditions, aggregated traffic history, and to avoid the ‘exodus’ effect – a mass departure of people at any one point of time.

Waze has recorded that the highest number of users are here in Malaysia in all of Asia, recording a number of 2.5 million users in Kuala Lumpur, contributing nearly 1.2 million alerts such as accidents and potholes per month. Drivers also use the app to collectively drive more than 288 million kilometers per month!


Avoid AES & Speed Trap Camera Locations

There is another reason to plan ahead – to avoid speeding and getting caught by the many new AES and speed trap cameras that will surely be operational this Hari Raya holidays. If you don’t believe us, take a look at our comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of AES and speed trap camera locations!


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