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Can You Cure A Heart Attack By Slapping The Elbow?

People are sharing a TCM method to revive a heart attack patient by slapping on the elbow pit.

They also say that doing this on a daily basis will help prevent heart attacks!

Find out what this traditional Chinese medicine method is all about, and if it really works!


Can You Cure A Heart Attack By Slapping The Elbow?

People are sharing a video on social media that shows a traditional Chinese medicine doctor (sinseh) curing a heart attack patient by slapping him on the elbow pit for about 2 minutes.

The video is accompanied by a story which has multiple versions. In this example, the incident happened in Singapore :

Sudden heart attack in the theater at Singapore. The Singapore doctor & helpers patted their hands on the patient’s arms and she recovered after 02 minutes.

This video provides advice on emergency situations for heart patients. Attention and how to deal with heart attacks that usually occur suddenly! Many people so helpless and died on the way to the hospital!

Please remember:

1. By patting inner elbow of the left arm in the video, there are 03 accupresure points around the left arm that are related to the heart and lungs.

2. By patting these two arms, the blood circulation will be accelerated, feeling warm and not sweating.

3. You need to know that the heart attack is blocked by blood circulation. By tapping & patting the arm, you can increase the temperature, avoid agglomeration and it smooths blood circulation, then immediately go to the hospital.

4. It is good to pat this part (inner side of left arm elbow) every day because it can prevent any heart disease and can reduce the incidence of heart attack!

If you find this information useful, share it with friends and family because you can live!.

This is based on TCM belief that there are three meridian points around the left arm, that affects the heart and lungs.

The idea is that slapping the left elbow pit, until it turns red, will restore qi (energy) and blood circulation to the heart and lungs.

It also claims that slapping the left elbow pit on a daily basis can prevent heart disease, and reduce the risk of a heart attack.


No, You CANNOT Cure A Heart Attack By Slapping The Elbow!

The truth is – the elbow slapping cure for heart attack is bullshit that can get people killed.

Please SHARE these facts with your family and friends :

Fact #1 : Slapping The Elbow Pit Cannot Cure / Prevent A Heart Attack!

Slapping the elbow pit will NOT revive / cure / treat someone with a heart attack.

Slapping your elbow pit every day will also NOT prevent heart disease, or a heart attack.

There is simply no scientific basis (or even logic!) behind such claims.

Traditional Chinese medical practitioners can make all kinds of claims about this method, but until they prove that it works, it is DANGEROUS to teach people to do this.

If you encounter someone suffering from a heart attack, quickly call for an ambulance, and perform CPR!

Do NOT play TCM doctor! You could well cost someone his/her life!

Fact #2 : It Has Been Debunked By Taiwanese Doctors

Back in July 2016, the Taiwanese Ministry of Health and Welfare asked doctors to publicly debunk this elbow pit slapping “cure” for a heart attack.

Formosa TV English News pointed out that believing such fake stories could result in poor outcomes (probably death) for the victims, because proper treatment would be delayed.

Fact #3 : It Does Not Appear To Have Happened In Singapore

The incident in the viral video very likely did not happen in Singapore, as claimed.

A careful listening of the voices will reveal that they are speaking Mandarin, with a Chinese accent. It most likely happened in China.

Fact #4 : It Does Not Look Like They Were Watching A Movie

A careful examination of the video will show that while they appear to be in a mini theatre, they don’t appear to be watching a movie.

A purple podium with Chinese characters can be seen on the left side of the screen, and the staff appears to be wearing purple uniforms – one is even wearing an orange sash.

It is possible that this may be some kind of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) seminar being held in a cinema.

Fact #5 : The Man Doesn’t Look Like He Had A Heart Attack

The man did not appear to be suffering from a heart attack. Instead of clutching his chest in pain, and breaking out in cold sweat, he was just unconscious.

And when they revived him, he appeared disorientated, shook his head and got up several times. He also appeared to be breathing normally.


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