Hey Loser, Let Me Scam You. Okay?

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Scammers are a dime a dozen, and why not? It pays very well. As David Hannum once said in criticism of P. T. Barnum – There’s a sucker born every minute. Is it any wonder that they are so brazen? On the Internet, they are literally shouting at you – “Hey loser, let me scam you. Okay?

Take this new example. A cocky young man who apparently has figured out how to make money without working. Fucking genius, I tell you. And he wants to share his wisdom with you. No, he’s not going to just tell you. You have to want it bad… enough to WeChat him.

Hey Loser, Let Me Scam You. Okay?
Hey Loser, Let Me Scam You. Okay?

It’s in Mandarin (Chinese to you Westerners), so let us “translate it” (sort of)  for you :

You fucking losers. I’m just 21 years old and I earn RM 120K in just 6 months. Doing nothing but jerking off at home!

Hey, see – I got a car. A FUCKING TOYOTA and I wear BODY GLOVE, okay? None of that Calvin Klein shit.

You don’t believe? I show you my bank account. Hey, PREMIER account too, hoh… Don’t play play…

Hey, you poor suckers have never seen RM 20 / RM 50 / RM 100 notes before? Let me take a picture for you all to see, okay? Don’t say you work so many years and never see these notes before!

You want to be like me? 100% jerking off at home watching porn, and then going out to vroom vroom in my Toyota?

As long as you are 18 (and legal), PM or WeChat me and we do business, okay! Better if you are a chun chick… then we can go vroom vroom and maybe ahh ahh ahh in my Toyota.

Okay, my Mandarin isn’t all that good but I think we all know what’s the deal here. So, you wanna go vroom vroom in his Toyota? 😀


How Is This A Scam?

Okay, there are gullible people who ask – how does any of that prove that this is a scam? Well, let us examine his claims and see if they prove that he made RM 120,000 in just 6 months.


The Toyota

He appeared to be sitting in a Toyota Vios. It costs between RM 74,749.96 (1.5J MT) and RM 94,945.27 (1.5 TRD Sportivo). That is hardly the kind of car someone who earns RM 20,000 a month would buy. In fact, it is hardly a car I would use to show off how rich I am.

Of course, it doesn’t even mean he bought the car. It could just be a car he borrowed for that photoshoot. This is a common trick used by conmen to fool people into thinking that they are filthy rich. They would take photos of themselves sitting inside or standing next to an expensive car.

The smarter ones would photograph themselves with a Jaguar or a Bentley or Porsche. He probably used a Toyota Vios because that’s his car and he doesn’t know anyone with a more expensive car…


The Three-Storey Terrace House

He appeared to be standing inside a three-storey terrace house under construction, insinuating that he purchased it. Well, it doesn’t mean a damn thing. Anyone can walk into a random construction site and take a photo. Does the photo mean that he owns the building? Of course, not. It only means he was at the construction site of this particular housing project.


The Bank Account

He showed off a Maybank Joint Premier Mudharabah account with RM 124,270.87 in it. It doesn’t even have his name, so we can’t be sure if it’s really his account. The Premier Mudharabah account, despite its name, isn’t even an exclusive banking account. All you need is to be 18 years or older, with RM 1,000 for the initial placement, to open this account.

Again, this is a common trick used by conmen. They would show you a bank account with a lot of money, so you will think that it’s their money. In most cases, the account isn’t even theirs. In other cases, they simply borrow and bank in the money to make their account look good for that screenshot.

Think about it – if this guy can make RM 120,000 in 6 months, would his bank account only have RM 124,270.87? He would have a few hundred thousand in it, if not millions. Even if he just started this “investment” or “business” in the last six months, his bank account wouldn’t have RM 120,000 because he just bought his car and house, remember? 😀


The Stacks Of Cash

He showed off three stacks of cash, as if they were gold bullion. Seriously, that’s just one stack of RM 100 notes, one stack of RM 50 notes and a stack of RM 20 notes. Even if we assume each stack has 100 notes, that’s a total of RM 17,000.

That’s a lot of cash for someone to be carrying around, but not a lot of money to show off if one really wants to show off one’s wealth. For someone who makes RM 120,000 in 6 months, he should be WALLOWING in a bed of RM 100 notes. RM 50 and RM 20 notes are for losers and wannabes, please.


Please Send Me Your Money Instead

Seriously, if you have money to burn and are just itching to give them to someone… anyone… I would like to volunteer to receive your goodwill. Please contact me for my bank account number. All sums are welcomed. 😀

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