Fact Check : CARES Act Is Proof Of COVID-19 Plandemic?

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Conspiracy theorist Brian Young of High Impact Vlogs claimed that CARES Act was EVIDENCE of the COVID-19 plandemic.

Find out what he “discovered” about the CARES Act, and why Brian Young is yet another stupid conspiracy crackpot.

Fact Check : CARES Act Is Proof Of COVID-19 Plandemic?


Brian Young : CARES Act Is Proof Of COVID-19 Plandemic!

Brian Young, who creates all sorts of BS videos on his YouTube channels – High Impact Vlogs and High Impact Flix, posted a sensational video yesterday to his many adoring (but idiotic) fans.

In that video, he documented “evidence” that the CARES Act was proof that the COVID-19 crisis was a plandemic – an epidemic that was planned by the governments all over the world to gain tighter control of their sheeple citizens.

We won’t share that video with you because it’s full of lies, but here is a “high impact” screenshot from his video, which summarises his “evidence” of the COVID-19 plandemic.

Fact Check : CARES Act Is Proof Of COVID-19 Plandemic?

His video is still being shared on social media and instant messages, with adoring comments like :

Must watch this video. It shows that based on public documents…. etc, US goverment came out with an act to tackle Corona Virus way back in January 2019!!!


The CARES Act Plandemic Fiasco

Fact #1 : HR 748 Was Introduced On January 24, 2019

Brian got this one right – HR 748 was introduced on January 24, 2019. Congratulations!

Fact #2 : HR 748 Was Not The CARES Act In 2019

But he got the next fact wrong – back in 2019, HR 748 was the Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019.

Almost from the beginning, Brian got it all wrong, because he only looked at the final bill after it was signed into law.

CARES Act HR 748 changes

Fact #3 : HR 748 In 2019 Had Nothing To Do With COVID-19

When it was first introduced in the House of Representatives, HR 748 was meant to repeal “the excise tax on employer-sponsored health care coverage for which there is an excess benefit (high-cost plans).

So there goes Brian’s claim that HR 748 w as introduced as a coronavirus bill. If he only took a cursory check at the original bill, he would have discovered its original name and reason.

CARES Act HR 748 24 January 2019 introduction

Fact #4 : HR 748 Only Became The CARES Act In March 2020

The Senate under Mitch McConnell refused to approve HR 748 after receiving it in July 2019. But when the COVID-19 crisis became a real problem, he dusted HR 748 off in March 2020 and gutted it for his third stimulus bill.

After massive amendments by both Senate and House, the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act was signed into law on March 27, 2020.

Trump Signs CARES Act

Fact #5 : Brian Young Admitted He Was Wrong

After he was called out on his lies, Brian Young grudgingly admitted he was wrong. In this post, he claimed he got “a huge part of the video wrong”. Well, he got it ALL WRONG.

In his follow-up video, he spent a considerable amount of time justifying himself, while spouting more conspiracy bullshit.

HighImpactVlogs fake CARES Act admission

Fact #5 : Brian Young Kept The Video Up

Now Brian claimed that he didn’t know about the original name and intent of HR 748, but even after he knew, he still kept the video up.

Was it for the money it was generating him from the views? Probably… because even in his comment admitting his mistake, he posted his sales pitch :

HighImpactVlogs sales pitch


Stop Supporting Fake News!

Conspiracy crackpots like Brian Young are usually very eloquent, but they are invariably wrong because they have no qualms lying, and often see causation where there is only correlation.

Please do your part to stop the creation and spread of fake news.

STOP supporting conspiracy crackpots.

STOP sharing their videos and articles.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

  • Avoid suspected cases or disease hotpots, like hospitals, if possible!
  • Avoid public events and crowds
  • Keep our hands clean with soap or hand sanitiser
  • Keep our home, office, vehicles, etc. clean
  • If you need to wear a surgical mask, make sure you put it on and remove it properly!
  • Wash your food with water (and soap) after purchase and before preparation

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  44. John public

    I love how to you and all the other lefties of yours we are conspiracy nuts UNTIL it’s a proven real conspiracy. From the time he started till now he’s gotten more things right. 100% ? Who is actually 100%? YOU?? Lol. Go back to your circle jerk party and keep mocking. Tell me when was the last time the government actually told the truth??? When was the last time the government stuck there nose into ANYTHING and didn’t completely fuck it up??


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