Did HK Activist Fion Ho Commit Suicide After Fleeing To UK?!

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Did Hong Kong independence activist Fion Ho Yik King commit suicide after fleeing to the United Kingdom?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : HK Activist Fion Ho Committed Suicide After Fleeing To UK!

CCP supporters, as well as the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛), are sharing this message on WhatsApp, as a warning to Hong Kong residents who are planning to migrate to the United Kingdom.

The viral message claims that Hong Kong independence activist Fion Ho Yik King committed suicide after foolishly fleeing to the United Kingdom. It’s a very long message, so you should skip to the next section for the facts!


You are not alone if you did not know Miss Ho Yik King because I didn’t know her either and neither did any of my friends. However her suicide in the United Kingdom on November 2022 suddenly pushed her to the headline and many were compelled to read about her and to determine what it was that drove her to end her life in the manner it did.

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Did Hong Kong Independence Activist Commit Suicide In UK?!


Truth : Fion Ho Was Not HK Independence Activist!

This appears to be yet another example of PROPAGANDA created or promoted by CCP supporters and/or the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛), and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Her Name Was Fion Ho Yee-King

First, let me just point out that a Chinese lady did indeed commit suicide in the UK, after migrating from Hong Kong. However, her name was not Ho Yik King or Ho Yit King or Ho Yi King.

She was known as Fion Ho in the UK, and her name in Hong Kong was Ho Yee-King.

This is important, because if you search for “Ho Yik King” or “Ho Yit King” or “Ho Yi King”, you will get links to the same propaganda story on multiple Chinese websites and social media. But if you search for “Ho Yee King” or “Fion Ho”, you will get links to her true story.

Fact #2 : Fion Ho Was Not A Hong Kong Independence Activist

Fion Ho Yee King was a 27 year-old Hong Kong native who migrated to the United Kingdom in April 2022, but sadly committed suicide in November 2022.

However, she was not a Hong Kong independence activist. You won’t find her in any list of activists associated with the Hong Kong protests or independence movement.

In fact, Fion Ho was working in Jordan as an Assessment Officer from September 2019 to October 2020 – during the time of the Hong Kong protests.

Fact #3 : Fion Ho Did Not Flee Hong Kong

Fion Ho certainly did not flee Hong Kong to escape its National Security law. After all, she was in Jordan when the controversial National Security Law was passed on 30 June 2020.

If she wanted to avoid the National Security Law, she would have just remained in Jordan, or migrated to the UK. Instead, she returned to Hong Long in December 2020 – after the National Security Law was in effect!

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Did Hong Kong Independence Activist Commit Suicide In UK?!

Fact #4 : Fion Ho Had A Job In The UK

As far as I can tell – Fion Ho Yee King did not have trouble getting a job in the UK. In fact, she appears to have migrated to the United Kingdom for a job.

She was working as an International and Relief Service Officer for the Hong Kong Red Cross from December 2020 to March 2022, before migrating to the UK the next month to work for a charity promoting education for women and girls internationally.

Fact #5 : Fion Ho Had Financial Trouble

According to her brother, Tommy Ho Yiu Hang, Fion suffered from stress and mental health issues due to the cost of living crisis in the UK.

Fion Ho had been paying £900 a month to rent a room in a South West London flat, which she described as “unhygienic”. She was worried about her income, and ability to make ends meet.

She mentioned to me on September 7, 2022 that since July, she was worried about her income and was not able to sustain her life in the UK and felt depressed.

The hygiene condition of the bathroom made her feel uncomfortable…This made her pressure build up and fall to a loss of strength to work from home and live at home. And she seldom left her room.

She was scared she will be laid off from work due to stress and face a loss of income due to her poor working performance.

After her death, Tommy found her diary, in which she detailed the days when she would eat only lunch or dinner to save money.

Due to insufficient income, I think she had begun to limit her meals per day.

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Did HK Activist Fion Ho Commit Suicide After Fleeing To UK?!

Fact #6 : Fion Ho Was Not Found Days Later

Fion Ho Yee King was not found several days after her suicide. When she failed to turn up for work and did not answer her phone, her brother Tommy asked one of the other three tenants of her flat to check on her.

That was when Fion was discovered to have taken her own life. She was pronounced dead on 3 November 2022, and Coroner Dr. Anton van Dellen listed her death as a suicide on 24 January 2023.

Fact #7 : UK ID Not Required To Open Bank Account

There is no evidence that Fion Ho Yee King faced any issue opening a bank account. UK banks do not require a UK ID to open an account. Common forms of identification that they accept include:

  • Passport
  • UK birth certificate (for applicants under 18 years old)
  • EU / EEA National Identity Card
  • UK photo card driving licence
  • UK Residence Permit

Fact #8 : BNO Passport Was Established In 1987

The British National (Overseas) passport is not available only to Hong Kong independence activists. In fact, the BNO passport was created in 1987 – after the enactment of the Hong Kong Act 1985, conferring British Overseas Territory citizen status for Hong Kong permanent residents (and their children) who register for the status by 30 June 1997.

The BNO visa does not confer you British citizenship. However, since 31 January 2021, BNO visa recipients can stay for up to 5 years, and extend that as many times as they wish. They can also apply to live in the UK permanently after living there for at least 5 years.

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Fact #9 : This Is Just CCP Propaganda

This is just ultimately just another example of CCP propaganda, created / spread by CCP supporters and the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛). Here are other examples:

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