5-Day Holiday For Students To Vote In GE15!

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Form 6 students, college students, and tertiary education students are granted a 5-day break to vote in the GE15 general election!


KPT : All Tertiary Education Students Get 5-Day Break For GE15!

On 23 October 2022, Malaysia Higher Education Director-General Dr. Husaini Omar confirmed that all students at public and private higher education institutes, including polytechnic and community colleges, will be given a 5-day break to vote in the GE15 general election.

The 5-day break, which will last November 17 to 21, will give students sufficient time to travel to their voting districts to cast their votes, and return to campus.

While the announcement only mentioned students, teachers will also benefit from the 5-day break, giving them more time to travel to their own voting districts.

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5-Day Holiday For Students To Vote In GE15!


KPM : Form 6 + College Students Get 5-Day Break For GE15!

Separately, the Malaysia Ministry of Education (KPM) announced on 28 October 2022, that Force 6 students, as well as students at the Teachers Education Institute, Matriculation College, and Vocational College, will be given a 5-day break as well.

The 5-day break will also last from November 17 to 21, which should give the students enough time to travel to their voting districts to vote on November 19, and return to campus.

Unfortunately, other students in primary and secondary classes will not get a similar break, so their parents and teachers will have to rush back to their voting district to vote on Saturday, November 19 before returning home by the next day.


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