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How To Turn Off Auto-Play Videos In Facebook

How To Turn Off Auto-Play Videos In Facebook

How To Turn Off Auto-Play Videos In Facebook

This morning, I woke up to a new feature on Facebook – auto-play videos. Basically, Facebook will now automatically play any video that comes into focus on your Timeline or Facebook Wall.

I know it’s tradition for Facebook users to bitch about every new feature or change that Facebook makes, but I don’t know how Facebook thinks this is such a great idea. Okay, it’s a great idea for their advertisers, like Samsung :

But it also forces people to watch videos they are NOT interested in watching. Here’s a mild example of a gore video that some people might not want to watch :

There are videos on Facebook that have far more gore, sex and violence than this, so you can imagine how people will not appreciate having these videos automatically playing on their Facebook Timeline or Wall. The good news is Facebook allows you to turn off the new Auto-Play Videos feature. Let’s show you how to do that…


How Do I Turn Off Auto-Play Videos In Facebook?

  1. On the upper right corner of Facebook, click on the arrow to display the menu. Select Settings.

  1. In the Settings page, select the new Videos option that is right at the bottom. It will display the Video Settings page with the Auto-play Videos option.

  1. Click on the drop-down menu at the end, and select Off.

  1. Once you set Auto-play Videos to Off, you are done.

You can go back to Facebook and it will never automatically play every video that comes into focus on your Facebook Wall or Timeline.

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