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A Dark Day For Malaysia : HTF Doctor Dies From COVID-19

Another dark day for Malaysia – a HTF doctor just died from COVID-19 – the ninth casualty of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Here are the details of his case, and a message from his wife… May we learn something from this tragedy…


COVID-19 | SARS-CoV-2 : A Quick Explainer

First of all, let us clarify that COVID-19 (short for Coronavirus Disease 19) is the new official name for 2019-nCoV, which was informally known as the Wuhan coronavirus.

The virus itself is now called SARS-CoV-2, in recognition of how closely it resembles the SARS virus.

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Case 890 : HTF Doctor Dies From COVID-19

The Malaysia Director General of Health Datuk Dr. Nor Hisham Abdullah announced today (22 March 2020) that a doctor from the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital (HTF) passed away from COVID-19 this morning.

Case 890, as he was known, is a 48 year-old Malaysian man with a history of travel to Turkey.

He was admitted to the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital on 17 March 2020 with symptoms of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI).

The doctor was confirmed to be COVID-19 positive on 18 March, and placed on respiratory support on 19 March after his condition deteriorated.

Unfortunately, he passed away at 10:33 AM today, on 22 March 2020.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health notes that this doctor did not get infected by COVID-19 on the frontlines, or from his colleagues, but from his travel to Turkey.

From what we understand, he was a Pathology Specialist at the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital.


A Message From The HTF Doctor’s Wife

Rumours of this doctor’s COVID-19 status have been circulating on social media, and yesterday, a post purportedly from his wife was shared on Facebook.

Salam semua.

Saya adalah isteri kepada pesakit positif covid 19 yang merupakan staf Hospital Tuanku Fauziah. Saya sentiasa bersama beliau sepanjang masa.

Untuk makluman, suami saya sudah memaklumkan sejarah perjalanan ke turki kepada pegawai yg terlibat dan kami telah menerima penjelasan yang baik daripada kakitangan HTF. Oleh kerana turki bukan negara yg diletak sebagai berisiko ketika itu (kes positif 0 ketika kami pulang ke tanah air), suami saya tidak diconsider sebagai PUI. Kami telah dimasukkan ke ward kelas pertama atas kelayakkan suami saya.

Pada keesokkan harinya, chest x ray telah dibuat dan mendapati bahawa ia adalah “atypical pneumonia”. Unlikely jangkitan Covid 19. Suami telah diberi antibiotik.

Namun pada malam itu, lebih kurang 7pm oksigen di dalam darah suami menurun ke 92% dan dia mula rasa sesak nafas. Pakar telah menelefon kami dan suami dimasukkan ke wad isolasi pada 10 malam. Sampel Covid 19 diambil pada malam itu juga. Pada keesokkan harinya, keputusan balik sebagai positif.

Suami diberi ubat antiviral dan bantuan oxygen. Untuk mengelakkan keadaan semakin buruk pakar bercadang untuk electively intubate suami.

Sekarang beliau dibantu pernafasannya. Keadaan beliau adalah critical but stable.

Saya redha dgn ketentuan ilahi. Saya berterima kasih kepada staf HTF terutama sekali Pakar ID HTF, staf Jabatan Perubatan, staf wad kelas 1, staf wad 10, staf Jabatan Bius dan staf Jabatan Kecemasan yang sudi melayan kami dan menjaga kami.

Kami tahu banyak viral kenyataan dan tohmahan yang tidak baik kepada kami sekeluarga. Saya berdoa mereka diberi hidayah dan diberi petunjuk. Saya sudi memaafkan mereka.

Saya berharap kenyataan di atas dapat membantu menjawab persoalan yang berlegar dilaman sosial sekarang. Dan akhir sekali, doakan suami saya dengan kesembuhan dan ampunkanlah dosa beliau.

Isteri Staf HTF Covid Positif

Here is our English translation :

Greetings to all.

I am the wife of the COVID-19 positive patient who is the staff of the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital. I’m always with him all the time.

FYI, my husband had already informed the officers in charge about the history of our travel to Turkey and we have received a good briefing from the HTF staff.

Since Turkey was not a country at risk at that time (0 positive case when we returned), my husband is not considered as a PUI (Patient Under Investigation). We were admitted to the first class ward based on my husband’s privileges.

On the next day, a chest x-ray was taken and determined that it was “atypical pneumonia” and unlikely to be COVID-19. My husband was given antibiotics.

But at night, at about 7 pm, his blood oxygen dropped to 92% and he started to have breathing difficulties. The specialist telephoned us and my husband was admitted to the isolation ward at 10 pm. A COVID-19 sample was taken on that night too. On the next day, it came back positive.

My husband was given antiviral medication and oxygen support. To prevent complications, the specialist planned to electively intubate my husband.

Now he is on respiratory support. His condition is critical but stable.

I accept divine providence. I thank the HTF staff especially the HTF ID specialist, Medical Department staff, First Class Ward staff, staff of Ward 10, Anaesthesia Department staff and the Emergency Department staff who took care of us.

We know many viral posts and negative criticisms have been thrown at our family. I pray that they gain insight and guidance. I’m willing to forgive them.

I hope the statement above can help answer lingering questions on social media. And finally, pray for my husband to heal and please forgive his sins.

Wife of HTF COVID Positive Staff


COVID-19 Deaths In Malaysia So Far

  1. Case 178 : 34 year-old Malaysian male who attended the Tabligh gathering.
  2. Case 358 : 60 year-old Malaysian male with a history of chronic illness.
  3. Case 152 : 58 year-old Malaysian male who attended the Tabligh gathering.
  4. Case 238 : 50 year-old Malaysian male who attended the Tabligh gathering.
  5. Case 1031 : 79 year-old Malaysian female with close contact with two COVID-19 positive cases.
  6. Case 1032 : 40 year-old Malaysian female daughter of Case 1031.
  7. Case 290 : 57 year-old Malaysian male with history of travel to Vietnam, and contact with Tabligh participant.
  8. Case 781 : 69 year-old Malaysian male from the Tabligh gathering cluster.
  9. Case 890 : 48 year-old Malaysian male with history of travel to Turkey.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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