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The Hugh Jackman X-Men Comic Robbery Hoax Debunked!

A viral post claimed that Hugh Jackman was robbed of his comics, but fought back to recover an X-Men comic for his daughter.

We will debunk this hoax, and share with you the truth behind the viral photo!

This picture of a man who was beaten and robbed of his comic books has gone viral. Why? Because he was taking them to his sick daughter. Fortunately, he recovered one of them for his daughter.

Who is this father? Why would the robbers want his comic books? Is there a significance to the fact he rescued an X-Men comic book? Let’s find out!


The Hugh Jackman X-Men Comic Robbery Hoax

The story and picture did not identify the man or the girl, but claimed that he was robbed of his comics while taking them to his sick daughter.

It showed him beaten up, but with an X-Men comic that he successfully rescued from the dastardly robbers.

This man was on the way to bring his sick daughter some comic books but he was savagely beaten and robbed.

He managed to recover one of the comics from the robbers.

Would you please give a like, share, and an amen for this brave father.

Bravo, right? So would you not give the post a Like? Why not Share it? How about an Amen for this brave father?

Needless to say, THOUSANDS of people liked and shared the post, praising the brave father.


Debunking The Hugh Jackman X-Men Comic Robbery Hoax

The man in the picture is none other than the star of Logan, and Mr. Wolverine – Hugh Jackman. And the girl in the picture is his co-star in the movie Logan – Dafne Keen.

Dafne starred as Logan’s daughter, Laura in the movie, but she is not his real daughter, Ava Jackman.

The picture used in the fake post was actually a wefie posted by Hugh Jackman himself on Twitter on 11 March 2017… just a few days before the fake story started going viral.

The picture appeared to have been taken during a break between filming the movie, Logan.

So don’t worry – Hugh Jackman is perfectly fine, and does not need your likes, shares or Amens. Besides, who would believe that a bunch of robbers can actually take down Wolverine? 😀


Beware Of Like + Share + Amen Requests

Most of these fake stories are specially crafted to trick people into making them go viral.

Sharing them isn’t harmless. You are spreading lies that help generate them money. And it encourages them to create more of such fake stories.

So next time you see a post about a heroic father or a poor baby, asking you to Like, Share and give an Amen… just ignore it.


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