Bangkit : 11 Days That Changed A Nation – Watch It FOC!

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iflix today announced the launch of their first original documentary – Bangkit : 11 Days That Changed A Nation. Bangkit is a gripping look at the dramatic 11-day campaign leading up to the historic 14th Malaysian General Elections.

Best of all – this documentary is FREE to watch. So don’t miss this opportunity to relive the 14th General Elections, and watch it unfold from the eyes of the rakyat!

Bangkit : 11 Days That Changed A Nation

Bangkit : 11 Days That Changed A Nation

Bangkit features archived news footage, social media content and personal videos from the frontlines. It highlights the first-hand experiences of ordinary Malaysians who came together to do the extraordinary.

Narrated by voting station volunteers, journalists, political analysts, activists, members of the public and political party members, it recounts the behind-the-scenes drama that culminated in the shocking toppling of the ruling government and ushered in the dawn of a New Malaysia.

Mark Francis, iflix Global Director of Original Programming, said,

Bangkit: 11 Days That Changed A Nation puts the events surrounding the election and its results in a unique light, because it shuns political discourse, and rather, chronicles the story of individuals who bore witness to or had some role to play in the days leading up to May 9th.”

“In fact, the film plays out more like a thriller, than a current affairs special and because we humanize the story, it packs a real emotional punch as well. We’re excited to bring this fresh interpretation to THE story of 2018, to our users.”

Bangkit : 11 Days That Changed A Nation is FREE to stream or download from 6 PM on 9 January 2019, exclusively on iflix.

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