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Shocking Indonesian 3-Ply Mask Packaging Operation!

We have all seen businesses cutting corners to make more money, but this Indonesia 3-ply surgical mask packaging operation puts all of them to shame!

Watch how the business owner advertised his 3-play surgical masks in this INSANE video!


Shocking Indonesian 3-Ply Mask Packaging Operation!

Thanks to COVID-19, there is a HUGE DEMAND for 3-ply surgical masks, enticing unscrupulous traders to cut corners to maximise profits.

However, only the most confident or reckless would openly show their potential customers just how they cut corners!

Watch this shocking video that was recorded by an Indonesian businessman, to show off his surgical mask packaging operation.

Note : The translation is not direct, but gives you a summarised version of what he said.

You can see – it’s an INCREDIBLY UNHYGIENIC packaging operation.

Not only are they handling them with bare hands, you can see them SITTING on the surgical masks, and even WALKING on them!

Those may well be the highest-quality 3-ply surgical masks ever made, but would YOU wear them?

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Lesson Of The Day : Get Your 3-Ply Mask From Reputable Sources!

We hope this video demonstrates why you should NOT buy 3-ply surgical masks from the back of cars, or some random person in the parking lot.

What’s the use of buying and using a good 3-ply surgical mask if it is already contaminated during the packaging process!

Please get your surgical masks only from reputable sources, from online purchase options like these :

And NEVER purchase your surgical masks from someone selling them from their car boots!


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