Watch This Industrial Drill Give Her A Bad Hair Day

Everyone loves to eat corn on the cob. The latest fad in China though is rather extreme – eating corn on the cob while it’s being spun on a drill! It is a form of speed eating, a crazy way to quickly finish off an entire corn on the cob. But watch this industrial drill give one lady who tried it a really bad hair day!

Watch This Industrial Drill Give Her A Bad Hair Day

Yes, it was a really bad idea. It started out as a fun thing to do on a weekend, and ended up in a really bad hair day that will forever be immortalised on the Internet.


How It Started

One man’s corn eating exploits recently went viral on the Internet. In the video he posted, he was able to chew through an entire corn cob in just 12 seconds!

His feat impressed so many people that some were even tempted to try and best his exploits.

One of them was this lady who tried to eat her corn off an industrial drill. Sadly, her attempt was not only unsuccessful, it resulted in a really bad hair day. Check out the video below!


Bad Hair Day Courtesy Of An Industrial Drill

Here is a video compilation that shows the man who started off the craze, and the lady who tried to one up him with a far more powerful industrial drill. Unfortunately, it ended up giving her a new hairstyle!

When her video first appeared on the Internet, many people claimed it was a hoax. But in the last part of this video, we will show you that this was truly a fun challenge gone awry.


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