Inter-District Travel Allowed Across Malaysia, Except In Sabah!

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The National Security Council just lifted their ban on inter-district travel across Malaysia, except in Sabah!

Here is what you need to know about this change!


Malaysia : Inter-District Travel Allowed, Except In Sabah!

The Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) just lifted their ban on inter-district travel across the entire country, except in Sabah.

Starting 5 March 2021, you can freely travel within your state, across district lines.

This was long expected, after they lifted the 10 km travel limit on 16 February 2021.

The only exception is Sabah, where inter-district travel is still forbidden. You must travel only within your district in Sabah.

Inter-District Travel Allowed Across Malaysia, Except In Sabah!


Inter-District Travel Allowed, But Not Interstate Travel 

However, please note that interstate travel is still forbidden across the country.

The only exception is Kuala Lumpur and Selangor – they are all considered the “same state” – the Klang Valley.

So residents of KL and Selangor Putrajaya can freely travel within the Klang Valley, except to Putrajaya which is under RMCO.

Police permission is needed for KL and Selangor residents to travel to Putrajaya, unless it is for work (with employer’s letter).

Klang Valley travel restrictions 5 March 2021 notice




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