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Internet Goes Crazy Over Farbel Warrior Robes

Internet Goes Crazy Over Farbel Warrior Robes / Jubah Pahlawan

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The Internet has literally exploded with pictures of the Farbel Warrior Robes (Jubah Pahlawan in Malay). Take a look for yourself. It will be instantly apparent that they are quite literally “out of this world”. 😀


Jubah Pahlawan (Warrior Robes) by Farbel Exclusive

Their aesthetic value aside, such a design seems quite impractical. These “warrior robes” will be hard to put on, and hard to take off. It even gets in the way of the guy taking a piss. Instead of just unzipping his pants, he now has to pull up the “skirt” all the way to his waist.

Of course, the designer thinks otherwise, and recommends it for Friday prayers because it allows for easier ablution (wuduk). So is it meant only for Muslims to wear during Friday prayers? Of course, not. Let their models show you how well it looks on them when they go shopping…

Or when they go overseas for a holiday… in Singapore, in this case.

Who designed them? Possibly this guy – Syubaili Aziz, the founder of the Farbel Exclusive.


Are You Trolling Me???

Well, we did consider the possibility since their website has not gone beyond the insertion of their logo into a blank template since 2011…

But it looks like this is “for real”. Farbel Exclusive may actually be a real company trying to sell these “warrior robes” to Muslims. Let us show you why…

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They Were Just On TV

According to Farbel Exclusive founder, Syubaili Aziz, they recorded a segment for TV1’s Selamat Pagi Malaysia (Good Morning Malaysia) show on the 19th of February. It was then shown at 8 am this morning. Check out the video below!


They Have Some Happy Clients

Mr. Aziz Mat here claims that this is the most comfortable short-sleeved robe he has ever worn :

The most comfortable short-sleeve “jubah farbel exclusive” that I ever wear n at 60 I m feeling young n good. tq

No prizes for figuring out why he went with the “Bright Red” robe… 😀

Believe it or not, the Farbel Exclusive’s Jubah Pahlawan (Warrior Robes) was part of the recently-held wedding between local actress and celebrity Anzalna Nasir and her businessman husband, Hanif Zaki. Take a look at the pictures they posted :

Notable clients of theirs include the Operation Commander of the 17th Maritime District (DM17, Sandakan, Sabah), and director, Syafik Yusof Haslam.

So no, we don’t think this is a hoax. If it’s one, it sure is a damn elaborate hoax!


Not Everyone Liked It

Whether you like it or not, I think we can all agree that this is a bizarrely unique design. It triggered not only a ton of comments but also “fan art”… We will add more as they come in. 😀


Bonus : The Buff Models

This is for your ladies… and guys who prefer guys. Enjoy! 😀


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