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Did IPK Founder Choo Chuan Sin Die From Mixing Vaccines?

Did IPK Founder Choo Chuan Sin Die From Mixing Vaccines?

Did IPK College founder, Mr. Choo Chuan Sin, die from the mixing of the Pfizer booster dose with the Sinovac vaccine?

Let’s take a look at the viral claims, and see what we can find out!


Claim : IPK Founder Choo Chuan Sin Died From Mixing Vaccines!

Netizens are sharing messages claiming that IPK College Founder Choo Chuan Sin just died after mixing the Pfizer booster dose with the Sinovac vaccine.

Mr Choo, a member of Hash House Harrier took 1st & 2nd jabs of Sinovac. Took Pfizer booster on 19 Nov. Died 22 Nov. Only 56 years of age.

There are two more messages circulating on Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. so just skip to the next section for the facts…


IPK Founder Choo Chuan Sin Did NOT Die From Pfizer Booster Dose!

Frankly speaking, I’m not in the habit of delving into people’s private matters, especially sensitive affairs like the untimely passing of someone’s husband and father.

But so many people were asking me to fact check it because the messages went viral, I had no choice but to put a stop to it.

Now, I am not about to ask his brother Andrew, during this difficult time, to confirm whether his father died from the Pfizer booster dose or not.

But here are my reasons why it is simply not possible for IPK Founder Choo Chuan Sin to have died from the Pfizer booster dose…

Reason #1 : His Son Did Not Mention Vaccines At All

Mr. Choo Chuan Sin’s brother, Andrew Choo, posted publicly about his father’s death, but did not mention anything about vaccines being related to this death.

1965 – 2021

With heavy hearts, the Choo family regrets to announce the passing of our beloved
Choo Chuan Sin on November 22, 2021.

His generous heart, love and kind spirit will be dearly missed by all.

Funeral will be on Thursday morning
November 25, 2021.

Due to the current severity of the COVID situation, we will take safety measures to keep everyone safe and the ceremony simple.

Thank you!

Remark: Funeral has been recheduled 26/11/21 FRIDAY (Morning)

Reason #2 : Pfizer Vaccine Cannot Cause Lung Infection

It is NOT POSSIBLE for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to cause a lung infection, because it does not contain any infectious agent.

Once it is injected into the upper arm, the vaccine triggers the immune system to produce antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

It cannot travel to the lungs and turn into viruses or bacteria.

Reason #3 : Pfizer Vaccine Does Not Contain Bacteria

It may seem silly, but I have to point out that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine does not contain any bacteria, so it is not possible for it to cause bacterial infections of any kind.

It is not possible for the hospital to blame the Pfizer booster dose for a bacterial infection of the lung, because that’s simply nonsense.

Reason #4 : Mixing Vaccines Is Safe

Vaccines are self-defence classes for our immune system, so mixing vaccines (heterologous vaccination) is like taking different martial arts classes.

Nevertheless, heterologous vaccination was tested and proven to be safe and more effective than homologous vaccination in several studies, before it was approved in many countries.

Reason #5 : Pfizer Booster Dose Taken Months After Sinovac Vaccine

Once injected, COVID-19 vaccines do not stay long in the body. After they trigger the immune system, they are gone within 2-3 days.

Here in Malaysia, the Pfizer booster dose is only offered more than 3 months after a person received the second dose of the Sinovac vaccine.

So it is simply not possible for the Pfizer booster dose to “react” with the Sinovac vaccine. The Sinovac vaccine was long gone (for at least 3 months) before Mr. Choo received his Pfizer booster dose.

Read more : Latest COVID-19 Booster Dose Policy For Malaysia!

Here is my verdict – this is yet another example of antivaxxers abusing someone’s death to push their narrative.

Antivaxxers have a big problem – billions of people have been fully-vaccinated, and are not dying in droves as they claim. So they have to make up stories to scare people into avoiding the vaccine.

Antivaxxers do NOT care about your health, or your family’s lives. Protect yourself and your family – get vaccinated against COVID-19!


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