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Irmaos Fuinha : Thank These IDIOTS For Skull Breaker!

The current Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge appears to have been popularised by Brazilian social media influencers Irmaos Fuinha!

Find out why the Irmaos Fuinha duo are now trying to perform a Logan Paul apology!


Irmaos Fuinha : Brazilian Social Media Influencers

Irmaos Fuinha, which means Weasel Brothers, are two Brazilian social media influencers – Robson Calabianqui and his brother, Alexandre.

They are famous for their pranks, with millions of fans on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. They have over 2 million fans on YouTube, and over 1 million fans on Instagram.

Yet, all that fame does not appear to be enough, and they have no qualms doing anything it takes to get more fans.


Irmaos Fuinha Popularised Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump Challenge

The Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge isn’t new. It appears to have started as the Rasteira (creeper) or human roulette challenge in South America in late 2019.

From what we can tell, it died down after a 16-year old Brazilian girl died after hitting her head on the floor performing the challenge.

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But the Irmaos Fuinha brothers decided to revive the Rasteira challenge, performing it on their mother, Lilian.

They then shared it on various social media platforms, pushing it out to their million of young fans… and guess what – their fans started trying it out too! #BigSurprise

Their effort to popularise the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump / Rasteira challenge is at least partly, if not significantly, responsible for the sudden spate of the challenge being performed and shared on social media, and reports of injuries that their victims suffered.


Irmaos Fuinha Wants To Perform A Logan Paul Apology

They probably loved how popular their Rasteria challenge video became, but did not expect Brazilian celebrities and medical professionals to criticise them publicly… and on social media too!

Now, they are trying to perform a Logan Paul apology after getting a lot of heat for trying to popularise the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram!

A little too late, you Weasel brothers! YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook should remove your channels for putting children’s lives at risk.

I seriously doubt you would have apologised for trying to revive and popularise the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge, if your fellow Brazilians did not turn on you!


Tripping Jump Challenge : Warn Your Kids!

Anyone who hits the head like that can suffer anything from a concussion to fractures, a intracranial haemorrhage, permanent brain damage… or even death!

This is why the tripping jump challenge is so dangerous, and children should be warned about it ASAP!

Make sure your friends and the children you know are are of the danger of this social media challenge / prank!

Anyone who does this to you is NOT a friend. Dump these assholes! They are NOT your friends!

And if you see anything attempt this, please STOP them and report the incident to the authorities.

We should also do our best to pressure TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube into banning such videos!


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