Did This ISIS Jihadist Marry A 7-Year Old Girl?

I debunked this hoax years ago, but for some reason, it always gets resurrected. You may recall the claim that a ISIS jihadist married a 7-year old girl who appeared terrified of the prospect of being ravaged by such a beast. Well, those of you who follow me would know by now that it’s a hoax.

Did This ISIS Jihadist Marry A 7-Year Old Girl?

But those of you who still think it’s true, this article will debunk the damn hoax once and for all. I even created a video to debunk it! Check it out…


They Said He Married A 7-Year Old Girl

The hoax originated from this picture posted on Twitter by Fadel al Hadidi (@Fadel_alHadidid). It professed to be of an ISIS militant marrying a 7-year old kafir (non-Muslim) girl in an occupied minority district in Syria.

Did This ISIS Jihadist Marry A 7-Year Old Girl?

He claimed that she was forced to recite the Quran to convert to Islam, in order to make the marriage halal according to Sharia law. Many websites reposted this claim. Take a look at some examples :

Needless to say, many people posted the same claims on Facebook too :

But what’s the true story? Let’s find out…


The Truth About This ISIS Jihadist & The 7-Year Old Girl

This ISIS jihadist is a Tunisian called Abu Waqqas, who runs programs to promote Islam in Syria. Sometime in July 2013, ISIS organised a “family fun day” in Aleppo, Syria. One of its events was a Quran recital contest for the children in Aleppo. The little girl you saw was a participant in that Quran recital contest. You can check it out in the video below :

As the video shows, the girl was crying because she thought she did badly. The ISIS jihadist was consoling her. In the end, we can see her walking off after receiving her prizes. There is no doubt that she was in a Quran recital contest. She was most definitely not being wedded to Abu Waqqas.

Rumour have it that Abu Waqqas later died in August of 2014.


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