The Israeli Policeman Strangling Palestinian Boy Hoax Debunked!

After US President Donald Trump declared that the US will recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it sparked a flurry of lies and misinformation on both sides. The latest one by the pro-Palestinian side is going viral – a video showing an Israeli policeman strangling a Palestinian boy to his death.

Unfortunately for the pro-Palestinian side, this is yet another hoax. A fake story that denigrates the Palestinian cause, and will inevitably reinforce the perception that every anti-Israeli post is a Pallywood hoax… and that nothing the Palestinians and their supporters say is factual.

The Israeli Policeman Strangling Palestinian Boy Hoax Debunked!


The Israeli Policeman Strangling Palestinian Boy Hoax

Someone called Kamal Jambu started sharing a video purportedly showing an Israeli policeman strangling a Palestinian boy to death. Here is his post (in Malay) and the English translation :

Seorang lelaki polis Israel mencekik kanak-kanak Palestin hingga mati. Sebarkan video ini sebelum youtube dan google padam. #KJ #WKPT

An Israeli policeman strangled a Palestinian child until he died. Spread this video before YouTube and Google deletes it. #KJ #WKPT

It went viral, with over 10,000 shares in less than a day. The video incited many to curse the Jews, Israelis and America. Not one person bothered to fact-check before commenting. NOT ONE.


The Truth

The video Kamal Jambu claimed was of an Israeli policeman strangling a Palestinian boy to his death did not happen in Israel… In fact, it did not even happen in the Middle East.

That video clip was originally published by the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan in February 2015. It actually shows a Swedish security guard at the Malmö train station sitting on a Moroccan boy and holding his hands over his mouth. The 9-year old boy can be heard reciting the Shahada in fright.

Malmö Central Station / Metro Arkitekter, © Rafael Palomo (Metro Architects)

The guard detained the boy and his 12-year old friend after they were caught travelling without a ticket. According to a witness (source : The Local Sweden) :

It didn’t seem like the boy was doing anything. But the guard just threw him to the floor. He [the guard] looked like he weighed 90 kilos, but he just sat on him and hit his head against the ground

The Swedish police received twelve complaints about the incident, and began investigations into the alleged assault by the guard in the video, and another guard involved in the incident. The guards were suspended pending investigations.


The Boy Is Not Palestinian

The 9-year old boy is not Palestinian. He is a Moroccan child refugee.


The Boy Did Not Die

After the incident, the boy was returned to his care home, but he ran away a few hours later with his half-brother, the 12-year old boy. He was lated found in the Jutland region of Denmark.


What Should YOU Do?

So now you know the truth. If you posted that video, please delete the video. Then tell the person who gave it to you the truth. Share this article with him / her. This is your moral obligation.

If you see anyone share this video, please tell them that it’s false. Share this debunking article with them. Don’t ignore it, and say it’s none of your business.


Lying Is A Sin In Islam

Shame on Muslims who believe that it’s perfectly halal to create false stories to foment hatred and violence against other people, even if they are Israelis. As I recall, lying is a SIN in Islam.

In fact it is considered the most wicked of crimes. Here are selected quotes from the Quran on lying and making false accusations :

“The curse of Allah be upon him if he should be among the liars.” [Quran 24:7]

“Indeed Allah does not guide one who is a transgressor and a liar.” [Quran 40:28]

“Do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it].” [Quran 2:42]

Bad Muslims who posted this and other similar videos would do well to remember them. STOP posting false stories to instigate hatred and violence!

Please SHARE this debunking article to stop the spread of this fake story!


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  2. Colette Walsh

    Do you think just because you say this happened in Sweden that it is any less horrendous to cover a child’s mouth and nose preventing the child from breathing, then strangling him. I felt very anxious what Bing this a d I am disgusted by the attitudes shown in the explanations.


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