Did Italian Minister Publicly Expose Her Underwear?!

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The photo of Italian minister Maria Elena Boschi exposing her underwear during her swearing-in ceremony has gone viral again!

Take a look at the viral photo, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Italian Minister Exposed Her Underwear During Swearing-In Ceremony!

A photo of Italian minister Maria Elena Boschi exposing her underwear during her swearing-in ceremony keeps going viral on WhatsApp, and social media like Facebook and Twitter!

It’s often accompanied by comments like these :

This is the Italian Minister Maria Elena Boschi signing up for her new government position.

In my humble opinion, it is the wrong choice of shoe colour to wear with that suit in such an important occasion !

The new Italian minister, Maria Elena Boschi signing up for her new government.
In G-string we stand. Lol

Gotta love the Italians. Italian Minister Maria Elena Boschi signing up for her new government position. Some might argue for a different choice of shoe color, but that would be quibbling.

Did Italian Minister Publicly Expose Her Underwear?!


Truth : Italian Minister Did NOT Expose Her Underwear At All!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and shared by misogynists who cannot stand a woman in power, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Maria Elena Boschi Was Sworn In As An Italian Minister

First, let me just point out that the viral photo isn’t new, even though it just went viral again in 2022.

The photo first went viral in February 2014, after Maria Elena Boschi was sworn into office as the Italian Minister for Constitutional Reform.

Since then, it has repeatedly gone viral again and again over the years, each time with people claiming that she was “just” sworn into office. No, that happened in 2014.

Fact #2 : Maria Elena Boschi Did Not Expose Her Underwear

The viral photo was edited from the original photo taken during Maria Elena Boschi’s 2014 swearing-in ceremony. Here is a comparison I created of the original photo (left), and the edited photo (right).

Did Maria Elena Boschi Publicly Expose Her Knickers?!

Fact #3 : Maria Elena Boschi Faced Sexist Remarks As Italian Minister

The photoshopped thong photo was not the only misogynist insult Maria Elena Boschi had to put up with. She was mocked for wearing the electric blue trouser suit:

Italian newspaper, Cormier della Sera described the suit as having a colour “unknown in nature”, while La Stampa said that it resembled something that might be worn by “a Marvel superhero like Captain America”.

La Stampa also criticised her trousers, saying that they were so tight that “many were reminded of Pippa Middleton’s silhouette” when she bent over to sign her name.

In 2016, Il Fatto Quotidiano would publish a sexist cartoon of Boschi on its front page, showing her thighs prominently, with headlines that played on the Italian word for “thighs” – cosce.

The Italian media appeared to be focused on how she looked, and not so much on her credentials – she was a lawyer, a member of the Chamber of Deputies since 2013, and a minister who pushed through a complicated series of reforms to the Italian Senate.

Fortunately, she has her supporters who call her by her acronym, MEB.

Fact #4 : Viral Photo Also Used To Mock Melania Trump

Oddly enough, the same photo was used to mock Melania Trump, when she was still the US First Lady, with comments like these:

This is YALL’S FIRST LADY!!! AND THEY GOT THE NERVE TO TALK ABOUT FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA wearing sleeveless dresses??? #melaniatrump #pornstar

Needless to say – that was not Melania Trump. Regardless of how we feel about her, it is still misogynistic.

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