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Two Cases Of Ivermectin Poisoning In Malaysia!

The National Poison Centre just reported two cases of ivermectin poisoning in Malaysia!

Here is what you need to know about ivermectin poisoning!


National Poison Centre : Two Cases Of Ivermectin Poisoning!

Ever since MAECC and FLCCC started promoting ivermectin as an easy way to prevent or cure COVID-19, people have been buying illegal ivermectin to self-medicate.

Unfortunately, ivermectin isn’t as safe as their supporters claim.

On 14 August 2021, the National Poison Centre reported that they were informed of two cases of ivermectin poisoning in Malaysia.

Ivermectin Poisoning Case #1

A 35 year-old person took a single ivermectin tablet, and suffered breathing difficulties for 5 days.

Ivermectin Poisoning Case #2

A senior citizen fell unconscious after taking 15 ivermectin tablets in one go.

The National Poison Centre also reminded people that ivermectin has not been approved for use as a treatment or prophylaxis for COVID-19 in Malaysia.

They warned that the wrong usage of ivermectin can result in side effects like vomiting, diarrhoea, stomachache, and dizziness; or adverse effects like hypotension, breathing difficulties, lung damage and death.

They also warned that there is no antidote for ivermectin poisoning, so people should NOT self-medicate with ivermectin.


Ivermectin Poisoning : How Risky Is It?

Ivermectin is known to be generally safe. Ivermectin supporters will tell you that about 3.7 billion doses have been given over the last 40 years, with very few side effects.

However, there are two problems with those claims :

3.7 Billion Doses Isn’t Really A Lot…

3.7 billion doses over 40+ years isn’t a lot. That’s just 9 million doses a year.

In 2018, 41 billion doses of Atorvastatin were prescribed – 11X more doses in a single year than all ivermectin doses ever sold in the last 40 years.

Ivermectin Is Generally Given As A Single Dose

Ivermectin is generally given as a single dose, or two doses at most. It was never meant to be taken on a regular basis.

The current protocols being promoted by all sorts of people involve taking ivermectin on a regular basis, and that has not been proven to be safe.

Read more : Experts Warn Of Ivermectin Causing Liver Damage!


Ivermectin Poisoning Reinforces Need For Clinical Tests

The ivermectin protocols being promoted by FLCCC, Professor Thomas Borody, Dr. Amir Farid and random people on social media have NEVER been tested for safety or efficacy.

So no one really knows whether the dosage or treatment regimen they are advocating are safe, or even work against COVID-19!

In fact, when people started self-medicating with ivermectin, doctors started to see cases of liver damage, which even resulted in at least one liver transplant.

Patients treated with ivermectin was also shown to require invasive mechanical ventilation EARLIER than those who did not take ivermectin.

The Missouri Poison Center even issued a warning in February 2021 about ivermectin :”

There have been reports of intentional ivermectin overdoses which can cause serious symptoms such as seizures, coma, lung and heart problems.

Please don’t rely on these unverified and unsubstantiated advice to take ivermectin against COVID-19.

We already have a safe and efficacious way to prevent COVID-19 – the COVID-19 vaccines!

So please protect yourself and your family by vaccinating against COVID-19.


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