Jade Empire Special Edition Is FREE Again!

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Origin made Jade Empire Special Edition FREE in early December 2015. They just put it up again for you to download and play forever and ever!

Jade Empire Special Edition Is Now FREE!



Many thanks to Kelvin Tan for alerting us to this kangtao! If you have any other kangtao, let us know too! 😀


Free?! What’s The Catch?

It is yours to download and play, forever and ever, and you need not pay Origin a single cent.

The only catch is that you must install and use Origin for PC to download and play them. Needless to say, you will also need to register yourself with Origin.com.

Other than that – there is really no catch. It’s a great deal.


It’s The FULL Version Of Jade Empire Special Edition

Seriously, this isn’t the demo or trial version. This is the real deal – the FULL version of Jade Empire Special Edition, worth $18.95. Of course, this is not a very new game. Jade Empire Special Edition was released in 2007. Still, it’s worth a trip down memory lane!


How Long Will You Own The Game?

Once you add Jade Empire Special Edition to your Origin account, it belongs to you forever and ever. You can download it whenever you want and play. Of course, you will need to use the Origin app to download and launch it.

Origin On The House Free Games


Why Is Origin Doing This?

Simple – to get you to register with them, and try out their Origin app. They can then send you notifications on new games or promotions, and who knows – you might buy an extra game or two from them? 😀


I Want MOAR!

Wahhhhh… Not satisfied with a free game this week? Well then, how about a FREE Dell My Passport portable drive? Go get the details on how to win it @ The Tech ARP 2015 Mega Giveaway Contest #6.


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  1. mgrzx3

    Your this company is lying about this” Free” game. It’s not. All hoops I jumped through and You don’t have it for free. Money is all you want. Guess what, Deleted. Fk OFF!


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