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Why Jessica Biel Is WRONG About Vaccine Exemptions

Actress Jessica Biel is fighting against SB-276, because she wants families to have the right to exempt their children from vaccinations.

Let’s examine Jessica’s concerns, and show you why she is wrong to claim vaccine exemptions as a “right”.


What Is SB-276?

First, let’s find out what is this SB-276 that Jessica Biel is so passionately opposing.

SB-276 is a California state senate bill that is designed to clamp down on fake medical exemptions for childhood vaccinations. If passed, it would :


Jessica Biel On Vaccine Exemptions

Now, let’s hear from Jessica Biel herself on vaccine exemptions, and why she thinks families should have the right to exempt their children from compulsory vaccinations.

Now, let’s examine her concerns about vaccine exemptions and SB-276, and debunk them one by one…


Claim #1 : SB-276 Will Prevent Genuine Medical Exemptions

Jessica Biel revealed that a family she knows has a child with “a medical condition that warrants an exemption from vaccinations“.

SB-276 does not ban medical exemptions. It just requires public health officers to vet medical exemptions to prevent fraudulent claims.

If her friends’ child truly has “a medical condition that warrants an exemption from vaccinations“, then SB-276 would still guarantee that child the necessary medical exemption.


Claim #2 : SB-276 Will Prevent Medical Care

She also claimed that SB-276 will “greatly affect their family’s ability to care for their child“.

SB-276 only deals with childhood vaccination exemptions. Nothing else. Therefore, it would not affect any family’s “ability to care for their child”.

Unless she believes that vaccines are dangerous, and the child does not actually warrant an exemption.


Claim #3 : She Is For Vaccinations But Against Government Oversight Of Vaccine Exemptions

This is so ridiculous. It is like saying that she supports gun control, but also the right to own and use guns without government oversight.

Jessica should be honest about her true feelings. Lying about it just makes her look WORSE – she’s not just another celebrity anti-vaxxer… she’s a celebrity anti-vaxxer who lied to cover up the fact she’s ashamed to be known as an anti-vaxxer….


Claim #4 : Parents Should Decide On Vaccination With Their Doctors

This is multi-faceted, so let’s break it down to three parts :

A. Vaccines Are A Societal Obligation

When it comes to individual patient care, she would be right. However, vaccines is not just about the individual child.

Vaccines do not just protect the child, they also protect other children. Compulsory childhood vaccinations protect vulnerable children (who cannot be vaccinated) through herd immunity.

That is why vaccination is considered to be a SOCIETAL OBLIGATION.

We all have to comply with pesky rules and regulations that protect society as a whole.

Laws that prevent us from storing hazardous chemicals in our own homes, or walking down Main Street in our birthday suits, impinge on our personal freedom. But that’s the price we pay to be part of society.

We cannot use the personal freedom card for vaccines, because it impacts other people. As I often tell anti-vaxxers – suicide is meant to be a solitary hobby.

B. Fraudulent Medical Exemptions

Doctors are fallible, and can be persuaded for a variety of reasons, to fraudulently issue medical exemptions. How do we know this? Take a look at this chart :

There was a marked drop in personal belief exemptions starting in 2016, when California banned them. Notice how medical exemptions suddenly spiked from 2016 onwards.

Did a rash of Californian children suddenly become immunosuppressed to the point they cannot be vaccinated? Or did some doctors issue fraudulent medical exemptions?

Here’s more evidence – the top 10 list of California kindergartens with the highest medical exemption rates :

This kind of medical fraud is precisely what SB-276 will eliminate, by requiring public health officers to verify medical exemption requests.

Don’t we want to make sure that our doctors are being honest? Or is Jessica suggesting that California should close an eye to medical fraud?

C. Doctors Have No Say

Jessica Biel insinuates that doctors will no longer have a say in whether a child should be vaccinated or not, once SB-276 comes into effect. That’s completely untrue.

SB-276 actually requires doctors to examine the child, and certify that he/she is not fit for vaccinations. They will have their say when they fill and submit the vaccine exemption form for the child.

The only difference is they no longer have the ability to issue FAKE exemptions, because public health officers will be required to verify their evidence.

Your children deserve the same protection that these children in Yemen received from their MMR vaccine.


Claim #5 : SB-276 Takes Away Parents’ Right On Vaccinations

Jessica Biel also implied that SB-276 takes away the right of the parents to decide on vaccinations. That is also completely untrue.

SB-276 does not force parents to vaccinate their children. Again, it only standardises the vaccine exemption form, and requires the verification of vaccine exemptions.

Even if SB-276 passes, Californian parents who fail to receive medical exemptions are still FREE to endanger their children’s lives by refusing to vaccinate them.

They just cannot enrol their children in public or private schools, where they can pose a danger to other children.


Jessica Biel Is Wrong About Vaccine Exemption, Period!

Despite her claims that she supports vaccinations for children, it is obvious that she is anti-vaccination. None of her reasons or claims are logical, much less worthy of consideration by the Californian State Senators.

Is Jessica Biel insisting that anti-vaxxers should have the right to endanger other people’s children? Because ultimately, that is precisely what she is lobbying the California State Senate for.

I can only think of one reason for anyone to oppose SB-276 – they want the right to obtain fake medical exemptions from unscrupulous doctors.


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