The Famous Jesus Tree Of Lebanon Miracle Explained!

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The famous Jesus Tree of Lebanon keeps making rounds on social media, as evidence of God’s power… or the authenticity of the Christian faith.

The truth is far less supernatural, but frankly… a lot more amazing, than the fake, made-up stories about the Jesus Tree of Lebanon!


The Famous Jesus Tree Of Lebanon Miracle?

You may have seen this picture of the Jesus Tree – a tree that looks like Jesus crucified on a cross – being shared on Facebook, Twitter, emails and elsewhere online.

In this example, it inspired the person sharing it to proclaim :

Puji Tuhan Jesus… ada orang nampak pokok ini seakan2 mirip dia disalib.. Amin… mudahan hidup selalu diberkati setiap saat mengingatinya..

English Translation : Praise Jesus our God… See how this tree looks like Jesus crucified on a cross… Amen… May our lives be blessed every second in his memory…

Jesus tree Facebook screenshot

It really looks like Jesus crucified on a cross, doesn’t it? It would be quite a miracle if a tree actually twisted itself to look like that.

Or is it just pareidolia – the perception of a familiar pattern or image, where none actually exists?


The Jesus Tree Of Lebanon Exists!

For Christians who need vindication for their faith, we have good news and bad news. The good news is the Jesus Tree exists.

The bad news is it is neither natural, nor supernatural. It is certainly not miraculous.

The Jesus Tree is the artistic creation of Lebanese poet, painter and sculptor Rudy Rahmè, who carved it out of a dead cedar tree in the forest of the Cedars of God (Al Arz el Rab) in Northern Lebanon.

Here is the original picture taken by louppe1 in June 2007.

The Miracle Of The Jesus Tree Of Lebanon
Credit : Louppe1, 6th June 2007

On the 24 July 2015, when a James Morales took this picture below, and made it viral on Facebook by calling it evidence of “the power of God’s goodness…” :

The Miracle Of The Jesus Tree Of Lebanon
Credit : James Morales, 24th July 2015

The truth and the far more mundane fact is that it took Rudy Rahmè 5-6 years to carve that sculpture. Here is a closer look at the sculpture.

The Miracle Of The Jesus Tree Of Lebanon
Credit : Maria, 24th March 2014

Rudy Rahmè did not just create that famous Jesus Tree. He also carved Jesus’ image into other cedar trees in the Cedars of God.

The Miracle Of The Jesus Tree Of Lebanon
Credit :
The Miracle Of The Jesus Tree Of Lebanon
Credit :


The Jesus Tree Was Created By Man, Not God

Instead of misleading other people into thinking that the Jesus Tree was a supernatural or miraculous creation, we should give the artist Rudy Rahmè props for turning these dead cedars into such incredible works of art.

Rudy Rahmè


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