Ji Shan Foundation Charity Scam Exposed!

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Ji Shan Foundation is another fake charity on Facebook, that’s misusing photos of sick children to cheat YOU of your money.

Please help us TAKE THEM DOWN, and SHARE THIS ARTICLE far and wide, so others won’t get cheated too!

Ji Shan Foundation Charity Scam Exposed!


Ji Shan Foundation Charity Scam

Ji Shan Foundation is a charity scam that recently posted this fake call for contributions :

【一场感冒带来的灾难 】
#在行动管制期间,再难也决不放弃 】

姓名:【SIM ZHI YEW】沈志耀
CIMB BANK:【7073855324】

性别:女 / 男






姓名:【SIM ZHI YEW】沈志耀
CIMB BANK:【7073855324】

Ji Shan Foundation Charity Scam Exposed!

Here is the English translation :

[My sister and brother are suffering from leukaemia] [Complications from a cold] [#DuringMCO, cannot give up no matter how difficult] [Treatment costs are urgent and families cannot support]

Those who wish to donate can donate the money to your dad’s account:
Name: Sim Zhi Yew (Shen Zhiyao)
CIMB BANK : 【7073855324】

Patient Profile:
Name: Shen Jiaqi [7 years old] Shen Zihao [5 years old] Gender: Female / male
Address: Kelantan
Condition: Acute lymphocyte leukemia

[Sister and brother’s condition]

7-Year-old Jia Qi and his 5-year-old brother Wei Hao were diagnosed with Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia (ALL) on March 12 and our family is just very unlucky. I’m cannot understand why it happened to our children. Wei Hao had running nose regularly at age 4, followed by unexplained bruises that hurt his legs and ankle bones. The doctor didn’t find any problems, but early as January 12 this year, results from A & E blood test at our local hospital showed he had an unknown cancer. A few days after being hospitalised, he was diagnosed with the most common child leukemia.

It was a big blow to me, I completely collapsed and cried for days. Wei Hao underwent months of hard chemotherapy and repelled infections including sepsis. But then we reminded ourselves that doctors told us that the disease is not hereditary and that there have never multiple patients in a family and so we comfort ourselves there’s no need to worry about anything.

A few days later, the little girl’s teacher found her walking strange, blood tests showed she had an unknown cancer after her family took her to hospital, and shortly after she was also diagnosed with cancer.

“One of our children got leukemia is bad enough. But when Jiaqi and her Weihao had the same cancer, we were shocked”

When Jiaqi started treatment, Weihao’s routine examination founds that the cancer recurred, which was another blow. It’s incredible pressure for all of us. No matter how, we have to cope with it. What happens to our children if we collapse? We have been told many times before that septicaemia has never affected two siblings at the same time. We’re in a terrible situation right now!

Currently, Jiaqi and Weihao are in need of treatment. The doctor said that the cost of treatment is at least RM 150K. Made us collapsed instantly. We are already heavily indebted. Everything we have has been borrowed, sold and loaned. I have no choice, I can’t afford to pay the cost of RM 150K. I can’t help but to urge you to help  save my poor child. Thank you!

Those who wish to donate can donate the money to their dad’s account:
Name: Sim Zhi Yew (Shen Zhiyao)
CIMB BANK : 【7073855324】


Ji Shan Foundation Charity Scam Exposed!

This scam is actually an old RECYCLED scam. It was first posted in March 2019, the same day the Ji Shan Foundation Facebook page was created.

At that time, the Ji Shan Foundation scam urged people to donate to a different “father” – Chai Kok Weng, with a different set of photos.

That same scam was updated on 16 April 2020 to change the name of the benefactor to Sim Zhi Yew, with a different bank account!

Ji Shan Foundation Charity Scam Exposed!

Ji Shan Foundation STOLE the photos from Lim Ek who posted those photos on 4 December 2019.

As you can see in his post, his two children were admitted to the Parkcity Medical Centre for Influenza A (H1N1), not leukaemia.

Ji Shan Foundation Charity Scam - Original post


Sim Zhi Yew + Chai Kok Weng : Known Charity Scammers

Both Sim Zhi Yew and Chai Kok Weng have been reported as charity scammers for some time now. They are currently in the list of 79 reported charity scammers in Malaysia, with the following bank accounts.

Sim Zhi Yew

Reported Bank Accounts :

  • Public Bank 6482344412
  • CIMB 7073855324

Chai Kok Weng

Reported Bank Accounts :

  • RHB 10809800162232

Recommended : Charity Scam : Current List Of 79 Reported Scammers!

Charity Scam : Current List Of Reported Scammers!


Ji Shan Foundation Charity : REPORT THEM!

Despite people reporting the Ji Shan Foundation charity page, Facebook appears to have left them alone.

It looks like it will take A LOT of people reporting them before Facebook will do anything. You can help take them down by reporting their page as Fraud or scam :

Ji Shan Foundation Charity Scam report


Charity Scam : How To Avoid It?

While many of us want to help people in need, you should NEVER send money to a charity that you have not first verified to be a genuine charity.

You should certainly NOT send money to any person, without first confirming that he/she really needs the money for that critical surgery or medication.

It doesn’t matter if you are just sending a small token sum. Even ringgit / dollar you send them quickly becomes a substantial amount, and worse, encourages them to create new charity scams.

In Malaysia, you can also use this Commercial Crime Investigations Division page* to check if a bank account number or telephone number has been reported to the Royal Malaysian Police.

* However, please note that the CCID database is not comprehensive, because scammers can easily change their bank accounts and telephone numbers. Also, many victims are unaware they were scammed, and thus never reported them to the police.

The safest thing to do is NOT to send anyone money. Visit them directly to ascertain their authenticity, and donate directly to them.


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