Did Confused Joe Biden Wander Off At G7 Photoshoot?!

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Did a confused President Joe Biden wander off at a G7 photoshoot, forcing Italian Prime Minister Meloni to shepherd him back?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Confused Joe Biden Wandered Off At G7 Photoshoot!

Some people and/or websites are claiming or suggesting that a confused President Joe Biden wandered off at a G7 photoshoot, forcing Italian Prime Minister Meloni to shepherd him back!

New York Post : Biden appears to wander off at G7 summit before being pulled back by Italian PM

President Biden appeared to wander off at the G7 summit in Italy, with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni needing to pull him back to focus.

As world leaders applauded a parachuting presentation, Biden could be seen trailing off and stepping away from the group, appearing to talk to an officer packing a parachute.

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Did Confused Joe Biden Wander Off At G7 Photoshoot?!


Truth : Joe Biden Did Not Wander Off At G7 Photoshoot!

This is yet another example of misinformation about President Joe Biden, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : G7 Parachute Video Was Edited

Let me start by pointing out that the viral video, which was posted by the New York Post, appeared to be edited from the original video posted by the Republican National Committee (archive).

The truth is – the Joe Biden turned away to give a thumbs up to several parachutists who landed behind the group. A parachutist rigger appeared in the original video, but was cropped out to make President Joe Biden appear as if he wandered away from the group of world leaders preparing for a G7 photo opportunity.

In the full, unedited video, the group of world leaders watched as a parachutist carrying a G7 banner landed in front of them. Several other parachutists landed behind them, along with a parachute rigger who was kneeling on the ground to pack up one of parachutes and the French flag.

The original video also shows Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron briefly looking towards the parachutists who landed behind them. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni then walked toward Biden, to tap him on the arm and invite him to join the other leaders who were being briefed by an Italian Army officer about the demonstration they just watched.

In short – President Joe Biden did not wander off in a confused or befuddled state. In fact, he was not only aware that some parachutists had landed behind the group, he actually took the effort to acknowledge them, and say something to them.

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Fact #2 : White House Criticised The Disinformation

The White House criticized the New York Post and other media outlets for mischaracterising President Joe Biden as “confused”, and for using an “artificially narrow frame” to make it appear as if he wandered off in a daze.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates shared the unedited video, and pointed out on X that Joe Biden was congratulating one of the parachutists, and giving them a thumbs up.

The Murdoch outlets are so desperate to distract from  @POTUS’s record that they just lie.

Here, they use an artificially narrow frame to hide from viewers that he just saw a skydiving demonstration.

He’s saying congratulations to one of the divers and giving a thumbs up.

White House communications director Ben LaBolt shared Andrew Bates’ criticism, and warned about “bad faith actors” who posted the edited video:

Beware cheap fakes … and all the bad faith actors who post them

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Fact #3 : Rishi Sunak Explained What Happened

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pushed back on claims that President Joe Biden was confused that day. According to The Telegraph, Biden merely wanted to shake the hands of all those parachutists:

He went to go and talk to the pilot, one of the parachute jumpers. He went to go and shake all their hands.

They all landed and he was being very polite and went over to talk to all of them individually, and Giorgia was saying don’t worry they’re all coming – we were meant to line up and they were coming to shake our hands.

As far as I know he went over to talk to some of the parachute jumpers, saying thank you or hello to them all individually, and then we all lined up and they all came and lined up.

Fact #4 : This Is Just Fake News About Joe Biden

This is ultimately just another example of fake news created about Joe Biden, like these other examples:

As campaigning for the 2024 US Presidential elections heats up, you can expect more fake news about Joe Biden to appear.

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