Fact Check : Out-Of-Control Crowd @ Johor Bahru CIQ!

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Many people shared or posted a video that purportedly showed an out-of-control crowd of Malaysian workers at the Johor Bahru CIQ scrambling to get back into Malaysia.

Find out if that’s true, and what really happened at the Johor Bahru CIQ!

Fact Check : Out-Of-Control Crowd @ Johor Bahru CIQ!


Claim : Out-Of-Control Crowd @ Johor Bahru CIQ!

You may have seen the video shared on WhatsApp and Facebook. Most notably, Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh shared it on her Facebook page :

Sedang berlaku di CIQ JB. Situasi diluar kawalan. Pekerja Malaysia di Singapore cuba balik ke Malaysia secara beramai2.

Harap adalah Hotel 5 Bintang untuk kuarantin mereka.

Here is our English translation :

Happening right now at the JB CIQ. Situation out of control. Malaysian workers in Singapore trying to return to Malaysia en masse.

Hope there will be 5-star hotels to quarantine them.

  • Johor Bahru CIQ hoax 01
  • Johor Bahru CIQ hoax 02

Even the Community Policing Association of Bandar Sungai Long fell for the hoax :

Info dari grup selatan

BSI bangunan Sultan Iskandar pekerja rakyat Malaysia yg bekerja di Singapore bersesak-sesak untuk buat pelepasan di kaunter CIQ untuk pulang ke tanah air.

Here is our English translation :

Information from a southern group.

Sultan Iskandar Building (BSI). Malaysian citizens working in Singapore scrambling to clear the CIQ counter to return home.


Out-Of-Control Crowd @ Johor Bahru CIQ : The Truth

There was no out-of-control crowd at the CIQ (Customs, Immigration and Quarantine) last night, or any other night for the matter.

The video is genuine, but it was taken last year, on 23 December 2019.

It shows people taking part in a bomb threat exercise at the CIQ complex at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI).

Some 1,800 people – 1000 civilians, 300 BSI staff and uniformed personnel – participated in the late night exercise, which enacted the scenario of an individual planting a bomb in the building, and seriously injuring police personnel while fleeing the scene.


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