Jomo Kwame Sundaram Stock Advice Scam Alert!

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WATCH OUT for scammers pretending to be Jomo Kwame Sundaram offering stock advice on Facebook!

Find out what’s going on, and warn your family and friends!


Jomo Kwame Sundaram Stock Advice Scam Alert!

Scammers are running Facebook advertisements that claim that famed Malaysian economist, Jomo Kwame Sundaram, is created a WhatsApp group offering free stock investment advice!

I am Jomo Kwame Sundaram
A prominent Malaysian economist.
On June 14th, I said in the stock exchange group:
There have been abnormal transactions in the Southeast Asian stock market in the past two days
Indonesian stock market soars on the 15th, with huge volatility
Now the local exchange has access to supervise the stock movement
Next, Malaysia’s stock market will also experience abnormal fluctuations
Please pay attention to: ADVCON, KPSCE, ICON, MBL these stocks
Related stock abnormal information, I will continue to send in the group
If you haven’t joined the stock exchange group
Please join in time, I will share the stock information I have for free
Master stock information and avoid losing money in the stock market

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Jomo Kwame Sundaram Stock Advice Scam Alert!


Jomo Kwame Sundaram Stock Advice Scam : What You Need To Know!

These Jomo Kwame Sundaram stock investment scams are being promoted heavily on Facebook in 2023, so please alert your family and friends!

Fact #1 : Jomo Kwame Sundaram Reported These Fake Ads

These fake Jomo Kwame Sundaram stock advice advertisements have been promoted on Facebook for several months now. On April 15, 2023, Jomo himself posted about this scam:

*Warning Letter from Jomo Kwame Sundaram*

I regret to inform you that someone is impersonating me. They have established an official website in my name, with many old photographs and other material to give this impression.

I am presented as an education and investment consultant, neither of which is true. There is even a contact telephone number for my supposed assistant.

I have reported the impersonation to Facebook and MCMC with no indication of any action so far. This happened several years ago as well when there was an earlier effort of this type.

I have never given investment advice, and have no intention whatsoever of doing so. It is highly irresponsible for anyone to claim they know the future. Whatever I do on economic and other matters is free for the public, and I urge you not to pay money to anyone who claims to be advising you in my name.

As I have been giving lectures in Tsinghua University in the past week, when this problem began, I did not realize how quickly the problem was growing and failed to act more promptly.

Please warn your friends and loved ones.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Unfortunately, as many people have discovered, Meta / Facebook does not appear to care about these fake ads. You can report them till kingdom come, but they will just keep running on Facebook as long as these scammers pay for them!

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Jomo Kwame Sundaram Stock Advice Scam Alert!

Fact #2 : Jomo Kwame Sundaram Is A Renown Economist

Jomo Kwame Sundaram is a world-renown economist, who writes extensively on economic policies. However, as he explained above, he is not an investment consultant!

He has better things to do than to offer you free stock investment advice! In May 7, he just published an article called “Inflation phobia, myths and dogma exacerbate policy responses” in the Review of Keynesian Economics.

Fact #3 : One Victim Lost RM480K To Investment Scam!

In November 2022, a 60 year-old housewife from Port Dickson fell for a similar investment scam, and lost almost RM480,000 (about US$104,000).

After being offered the free book on Facebook, she was asked to join a WhatsApp group called Family Discussion, where she was asked to convinced to “invest”.

The WhatsApp group administrator instructed her to download an application called Forza, and open a savings account. She was then asked to deposit money into certain bank accounts, and upload the slips using that Forza app as proof.

The lady withdrew her savings and borrowed from her children and friends to invest RM476,100. However, when she wanted to withdraw the interest paid by the company, her account was blocked. The group administrator told her that she would need to deposit an additional RM427,200 to withdraw the interest.

That was when the lady realised she had been scammed, and lodged a police report.

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