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J&T Express Package Wrapped With Pink Underwear!

J&T Express Package Wrapped With Pink Underwear!

J&T Express is in the news again, because they just delivered a package wrapped in pink underwear!

This is definitely the weirdest package we have seen anyone deliver this year!


J&T Express Package Wrapped In Pink Underwear!

Everyone’s shopping online during the pandemic, and there is a shortage of cardboard boxes.

So we are used to all kinds of packaging, from recycled cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, to plastic bags and styrofoam boxes.

But this is the first time we have ever seen a cardboard package wrapped in pink underwear!

On 7 February 2021, Mamaayu Admia Ayunormaslinda posted that her husband received a package wrapped in pink underwear from J&T Express.

The J&T Express delivery man insisted that he was only delivering the package as received.

It was not a case of someone tearing the package of underwear, and then wrapping this one over the package, instead of stuffing it back inside; because the package contained pencil boxes for her children.


Package Wrapped In Pink Underwear : Who Did It?

This happened right after the J&T Express worker controversy, so some netizens felt that disgruntled J&T Express workers may have done this in “protest” or to “sabotage” the company.

After all, no vendor would actually ship their parcels wrapped in underwear. That’s a sure way to become infamous and possibly lose customers.

This also led some netizens to accuse Mamaayu of making up the story.

But this “wrapping” was so odd that someone working at J&T Express noticed it earlier and took a picture of it.

Ain Nurza, posted this picture below, saying that her husband who works at J&T Express found the package already wrapped in the pink underwear earlier.

The box looks to be in good condition and not beaten up, so this must have been early in the delivery process.

With this corroborating picture from a third-party, it is clear that Mamaayu was not making up the story.

It seems most likely that someone at another J&T Express hub wrapped the package with this pink underwear as a prank, or as a form of protest or sabotage in relation to the alleged cuts in commission.


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