The Kashi Mining Company Scam Exposed!

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The people behind the Kashi Mining Company scam made a mistake when they falsely claimed that the Malaysia Director-General of Health was their COO.

Find out what the Kashi Mining Company did, and why they are nothing but a scam!


Kashi Mining Company : Scam Exposed!

The Kashi Mining Company scam was exposed when Malaysia’s Director-General of Health, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, publicly declared that they falsely used his picture, listing him as their COO.

It cast a spotlight on Kashi Mining Company, that claims to be an award-winning Labuan-based company, with 5 gem mines around the world.

Kashi Mining Company scam alert

The Kashi Mining Company does NOT exist, so they used photos of notable Malaysians in their website :

  • Mohamed Lew (CEO) : They used the picture of Mohamad Abdullah, the Senior Deputy Registrar of Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Student Affairs and Alumni Department.
  • Aidan Razif (COO) : They used the picture of Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, the Malaysia Director-General of Health.
  • Imran Sin (Managing Director) : They used the picture of Alex Ng, Goodyear Malaysia’s Managing Director.
  • Umar Yow (Company Secretary) : They used the picture of KM Liew, Director and Head of IT & Mobile, Samsung Malaysia.

None of them are related in any way to the Kashi Mining Company, which again… does NOT exist.


Kashi Mining Company : Scam Website

The Kashi Mining Company website may look professional at first glance, but it is full of bad grammar and spelling mistakes.

And they used pictures of engineering vehicles from other companies like MEDATECH Engineering Services, MacLean Engineering, and Epiroc.

Investigations also show that their website and domain were created in October 2019, and they hid their registration details using a protection service.

The Kashi Mining Company Scam Exposed!


Kashi Mining Company : Part Of A Procurement Scam!

The Kashi Mining Company is a fake company with a fake website, and is part of a procurement scam popular in African countries like Benin, Cameroon and Nigeria.

They create such websites to pose as legitimate businesses, with photos of real people and real machinery to make them look genuine.

Procurement scams can go two ways – offering you extremely good prices on their products (which does not exist), or offering to purchase large quantities of your products.

Whatever their scam is for the day, you can be sure it will involve tricking you into paying processing fees or legal fees, by government authorities or their lawyers or even transportation companies.

All you need to know is that these are SCAMMERS out to cheat you of your money.

Don’t fall for their tricks. WARN your family and friends!


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