Was Katie Hobbs Caught On Camera Fixing Votes?!

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Was Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs caught on camera in a secure vote counting facility?!

Take a look at the viral photo, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Katie Hobbs Was Caught On Camera Fixing Votes!

A screenshot of a CCTV feed has gone viral, with people claiming that it’s evidence Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs was caught on camera in a secure vote counting facility!


How is @katie4az allowed in the ballot counting area the day after elections (time stamped)?
@karilake and the state of Arizona are prob gettin robbed?

👀 Katie Hobbs was inside the ballot room. Unreal. Time stamped too.

Was Katie Hobbs Caught On Camera Fixing Votes?!


Truth : Katie Hobbs Was Not Caught On Camera Fixing Votes!

The truth is – this is just another FAKE STORY created by Republicans to create doubt about the integrity of the 2022 midterm election.

Fact #1 : Maricopa County Labelled The Claim As False

Maricopa county official dismissed the claim as false, after confirming that the woman in the photo was a party observer.

Not every woman with glasses is Katie Hobbs.

We can confirm this was a party Observer. Please refrain from making assumptions about workers who happen to wear glasses.

Fact #2 : That Lady Is Not Katie Hobbs

At first glance, yes, you may think that the lady in the CCTV screenshot is Katie Hobbs. She’s white and wears black-rimmed glasses… like perhaps thousands of other white women wearing black-rimmed glasses in Arizona.

But if you take a closer look at the photo, you can see that she is not Katie Hobbs. Katie’s hair is much lighter in colour, and parts more to her left; compared to the lady in the screenshot.

Was Katie Hobbs Caught On Camera Fixing Votes?!

Fact #3 : Live Footage At Count Center Is Streamed Online

Maricopa County is no stranger to election conspiracy theories, since it became the epicentre of a nail gripping fight for Arizona in the 2020 Presidential Election.

The loss of Arizona, after the votes in Maricopa were finalised, was one of the reasons Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden. Needless to say, the former President continues to whine about election fraud in Arizona, and his sycophantic supporters just repeat his false claims.

Because of these controversies, Maricopa County streams live footage of its vote counting centre online, so everyone who wants to watch the counting process is free to do so.

In fact, that is how it was possible for people to take that viral screenshot. If that lady (even if she’s not Hobbs) committed some kind of election fraud, they would have seen it.

But they didn’t. Instead, all the person took was a screenshot of a lady walking with her arms folded.

Fact #4 : She Identified Herself As Jackie Marshall

The lady in the screenshot posted a photo of herself with her daughter, in response to the fake post.

She identified herself as Jackie Marshall, and stated that she was an election judge (poll worker), not a poll watcher.

Fact #5 : There Are Many Observers Watching The Count

American voters of the MAGA persuasion may not know this, but there are many observers at the vote counting center.

Some are partisan observers – from both parties (like Jackie Marshall), while others are non-partisan citizen observers, or members of the media.

So it would be impossible for any gubernatorial candidate to walk into a vote counting center, without getting noticed by any of the many observers walking around.

Fact #6 : Vote Counting Centers Are Secured

Vote counting centers are also secured by law enforcement and county security officers.

In Maricopa County, the polling locations and vote counting facilities are kept safe and secure by the Sheriff’s Office, Maricopa County Security Services, and their local, state and federal law enforcement partners.

It would be impossible for any gubernatorial candidate to walk into a vote counting center, without anyone noticing.

Even if the security guards miss what anything nefarious that goes on – the CCTV feeds are all recorded!

Was Katie Hobbs Caught On Camera Fixing Votes?!

Fact #7 : Katie Hobbs Has Staff / Minions

Think about this for just a minute. Katie Hobbs is the sitting Arizona Secretary of State. She has staff… minions, if you prefer, to do her bidding.

Do you really believe that she would waste her precious time stuffing ballots, if she can get someone else to do it for her?

Even if you think she’s that desperate, why put her political career at risk, when she can get someone else to risk their own careers instead?

Use a little common sense, will ya? This fake story is so full of holes, it might as well be Swiss cheese!

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