Hari Raya Rush @ Kenanga Wholesale City On CMCO Day 1?

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Why are people queuing up for Hari Raya shopping at the Kenanga Wholesale City on the first day of the economic reopening (CMCO)??!

Find out what happened, and what the facts really are!

Hari Raya Rush @ Kenanga Wholesale City On CMCO Day 1?


Claim : Hari Raya Rush @ Kenanga Wholesale City On CMCO Day 1

These four pictures and message are being shared as evidence of people queuing up for their Hari Raya shopping, at the Kenanga Wholesale City.

  • Kenanga Wholesale City crowd 01
  • Kenanga Wholesale City crowd 02
  • Kenanga Wholesale City crowd 03
  • Kenanga Wholesale City crowd 04

👆Today Hari Raya Shopping @ Kenanga Wholesale City in Pudu, KL. Expected for new clusters soon. Until next year also our country cannot reduce to single digit.


Hari Raya Rush @ Kenanga Wholesale City : The Facts

We would like to credit Astro AWANI for taking the initiative to investigate the claim, and this was what they discovered.

Fact #1 : The Pictures Are Genuine

First of all, those pictures are genuine. They do indeed show lines of people queuing up at the Kenanga Wholesale City early this morning.

Fact #2 : Those Are Workers, Not Customers

According to Wendy Lam, an Assistant Manager in charge of Advertisements and Promotion at Kenanga Wholesale City, the people queuing up were workers working in the mall, not customers.

This is the first day of the CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order), so they were queuing up to get inside to begin their first day of work.

Kenanga Wholesale City crowd testing 01
Photo credit : Astro AWANI

Fact #3 : They Were Queuing Up For Inspection

To ensure safety of the workers and customers, the mall management required workers to have their temperature taken.

They were also asked to register their names, identification number and shop lot number – which caused the line to build up.

Kenanga Wholesale City crowd testing 02
Photo credit : Astro AWANI

Fact #4 : They Were Not Properly Distanced

The Kenanga Wholesale City management laid yellow strips to ensure that they queued up one metre apart, at least near the entrance.

However, the pictures show people queuing up side-by-side, so they were definitely not all properly distanced.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

  • Avoid suspected cases or disease hotpots, like hospitals, if possible!
  • Avoid public events and crowds
  • Keep our hands clean with soap or hand sanitiser
  • Keep our home, office, vehicles, etc. clean
  • If you need to wear a surgical mask, make sure you put it on and remove it properly!
  • Wash your food with water (and soap) after purchase and before preparation

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