Kids Say the Funniest Things About Their Parents #1

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Children are arguably the world’s most inappropriate comedians. They say the funniest things, and write the funniest stories. Often unintentionally, and usually at the expense of the poor adults around them! In the most recent example, a student reveals his/her father’s dietary preferences in a very funny essay… Enjoy! 😀

Credit for this find goes to Johnny Chew.


Funniest Essay On Being Poor

This essay was written by a Malaysian student of unknown age about being poor. It starts off as a pretty mundane essay, but soon escalated into rather sordid details. Check it out!

Keluarga kami keluarga miskin. Macam itu kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan malam.

Kadang-kadang kami tiada makan. Saya selalu makan buah jambu dalam perjalanan pulang dari sekolah sebab takut tiada nasi di rumah.

Paling saya kesian bila tingok bapa saya jilat seluruh badan mama saya sebab telampau lapar. Kadang-kadang bapa saya tumpang isap nenen mama sebab telampau haus.

Kids Say the Funniest Things About Their Parents #1

Here is the English translation for those who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia :

Our family is poor. We live from day to day.

Sometimes we have nothing to eat. I always eat jambu (wax apples) on the way home because I’m afraid there isn’t any rice at home.

I’m so sad to see my father lick my mother’s whole body because he was so hungry. Sometimes he even sucks her breasts because he was too thirsty.

Kids Say the Funniest Things About Their Parents #1
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I can only imagine the teacher trying to keep a straight face while marking this essay. But the teacher managed to convey professionalism in his/her remarks :

1 – The grammar needs to be improved.

2 – The storyline is interesting but does not make sense. You should explain what you mean by “my father lick my mother’s whole body”.

LOL! And the teacher only gave the essay 59 marks. I think this student deserves a little more… if only for his/her frank honesty? 😀

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