Killed By A Charging Mobile Phone? [GORE] – UPDATED!

Killed By A Charging Mobile Phone?

If you are looking for the post on the girl who was killed by a power bank, you are in the wrong page – click here!

WARNING : This post contains gore pictures of a dead person. Please do NOT proceed beyond the first page if you are not comfortable with gore.

These pictures have been circulating on the Internet since 2010 but it keeps appearing in various forms. This new one has just started circulating on Facebook, claiming that this woman was electrocuted and killed by a charging mobile phone. The warning (with the English translation) goes :




“Phone cases of electric shock”

You be careful friends love songs on the phone to sleep, Thailand cases of electrocution occurred, said to this woman’s cell phone charging while wearing the receiver to sleep, the last electrocution!

Please share as much as possible to everyone, to prevent the tragedy from happening again, boundless beneficence..

Killed By A Charging Mobile Phone?
Killed By A Charging Mobile Phone?

Even though we mosaiced the original post, you can tell that it was a gruesome death. We have certainly heard many cases of smartphones and mobile phones exploding or catching fire while being charged. But did this poor woman really get electrocuted and killed by a charging mobile phone?


She Was Not Killed By A Charging Mobile Phone

Her death was rather extensively covered by numerous gore websites and forums since 2010, so it should come to no surprise that she didn’t die from being electrocuted by a charging mobile phone. Rather, she committed suicide using sleeping pills, some of which was found on her table.

Some sleeping pills left on the table
Some sleeping pills left on the table

Here are two pictures that are relatively “safe for work”. From this angle, she looks like she was just asleep. But you can already see the skin around her elbow turn purplish-black, and the discoloured veins on her thighs and leg.

She looked like she was just sleeping
She looked like she was just sleeping

The provenance of these photos cannot be determined, but these guys appear to be from a Thai forensics team.

Thai forensics team with her body
Thai forensics team with her body

The other close-up photos clearly show that she isn’t holding or listening to a mobile phone of any kind. Neither is there a mobile phone or smartphone anywhere near her. The photos we have seen so far point to a suicide by sleeping pills, not an electrocution by a charging mobile phone.


Another One? New!

We discovered another version that claims the girl was a Filipino and traced this new version to Crizelle de Vera, a Filipino “celebrity hopeful” in Newman, Western Australia. She posted the picture on her Facebook page on the 11th of June, with the false claim that this lady died the day before – on the 10th of June.

The culprit and possibly why she did it...
The culprit and possibly why she did it…

She has since deleted her post, probably due to criticism from people who found out that she made up the story. But not before gaining at least 61,000 shares!


Why Would People Make Up Stories Like That?

In social media, one of the ways to get Followers, Likes or Shares is to post something controversial. Often, the creator does not care about the truth, much less the provenance of any picture or video. In fact, in many cases, they embellish or change the story completely, in order to drive traffic to their blog, website, Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram account, etc.

We have often warned people about the price of that Like or Share on social media, but it often falls on deaf ears. That’s why these hoax posts will continue to be created, liked and shared on social media.


If you are only interested in the debunking of this hoax, we highly recommend that you stop here. DO NOT go to the next page, because it contains gore photos of the victim. All you need to know is that this is a case of suicide by sleeping pills, not death by mobile phone electrocution.


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