Kim Clement : Kim Jong-un Death Prophesy Failed Again

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The infamous Kim Jong-un death prophesy of self-anointed Christian prophet Kim Clement has been proven false yet again.

Find out what Kim Clement prophesied no less than FOUR TIMES, and what happened to him and Kim Jong-un! Oh, the irony!

Kim Clement : Kim Jong-un Death Prophesy Failed AgainKim Clement : Kim Jong-un Death Prophesy Failed Again


Kim Clement : Who Is He?

Kim Clement is a self-anointed Christian prophet, and spiritual leader of the House of Destiny – an online Christian church. He is most famous for his prophecies on Kim Jong-un, Eminem and Stephen King.

Recently, when rumours of Kim Jong-un’s possible death started circulating, both his eldest son, Donné Clement Petruska, and his fellow evangelist, Lance Wallnau, tried to leverage on his infamous prophecies on the death / removal of Kim Jong-un!

Donné Clement Petruska

What EXACTLY Did Kim Clement Prophesy?

So many things have been said this past week regarding my dad’s prophecies concerning North Korea and Kim Jong Un.

Kim Clement : Kim Jong-un Death Prophesy Failed Again

We, at House of Destiny, have the definitive and complete library of my dad’s prophecies, and so many people are asking, “What did God tell us through His prophet?”

Join with me on Saturday as we look through and break the codes that God has given us.

Lance Wallnau

My good friend Prophet Kim Clement prophesied about the death of Kim Jong Un, North Korea, and the shaking of nations many times. Some have come to pass and some have not yet happened.

I believe we are witnessing history with the reported death of the North Korean dictator. This Kim Clement, Kim Jong-Un word, will show you God is still in control.

Kim Clement Kim Jong un Prophecy Wallnau hoax

Before we proceed, we should note that Lance Wallnau calls himself, “one of only three evangelical leaders to have accurately predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency while running against 15 opponents“.

With that in mind, let’s see if his prophesy that Kim Clement’s prophesy of Kim Jong-un’s death will come true, will actually come true! 🙂


Kim Clement In 2009 : Kim Jong-un Is Dead, Both Koreas Will Unite

This was what Kim Clement prophesied on April 4, 2009 :

South Korea, North Korea shall become one, says the Lord. North Korea, your President is dead, he is already dead, I have already written on the wall ‘mene, mene, tekel, parsin.’ God said, your days are numbered, you have been counted in the balances… Therefore, Kim, it is now time now for you to face this that you have done has been iniquitous. You are no longer alive, you are a vegetable, you are brain dead. And God said, because of that, I will cause that to bring about unity… in South and North Korea and the greatest move of the Spirit shall come from there.

Inconvenient Fact #1 : Kim Jong-un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea, not its President.

Inconvenient Fact #2 : The President of North Korea in 2009 was Kim Yong-nam.

Inconvenient Fact #3 : As of 2 May 2020, both Kim Jong-un and Kim Yong-nam are still alive

Inconvenient Fact #4 : As of 2 May 2020, North and South Korea have not been re-united.

Kim Jong-un on 1 May 2020 01
Kim Jong-un at a fertiliser factory north of Pyongyang on 1 May 2020


Kim Clement In 2014 : Everything Will Explode In North Korea

This was what Kim Clement prophesied on September 29, 2014 :

And the little leader Kim Jong-Un in North Korea is in trouble and has itchy fingers. His hands are trembling. It seems to me that everything will explode.

Inconvenient Fact #1 : There were no explosions in North Korea in 2014.

Inconvenient Fact #2 : North Korea fired missiles and shells into the sea in July 2014. Technically, they did not explode, but splashed into the cold embrace of the Sea of Japan.

Kim Jong-un on 1 May 2020 02
Kim Jong-un at a fertiliser factory north of Pyongyang on 1 May 2020


Kim Clement In 2014 : I Told The Earth To Reunite The Two Koreas 

This was what Kim Clement prophesied on December 31, 2014 :

I shall not allow the corruption that has been in North Korea to continue. I have told the earth, there shall be a united Korea. I have told the earth that I will bring the greatest revival in North Korea, South Korea.

Inconvenient Fact #1 : The Earth probably did not receive his message, because as of 2 May 2020, North and South Korea have not been re-united.

Kim Jong-un on 1 May 2020 03
Kim Jong-un at a fertiliser factory north of Pyongyang on 1 May 2020


Kim Clement In 2015 : North Korea + Iran Will Be Liberated By The US

This was what Kim Clement prophesied on August 29, 2015 :

Do not be afraid of North Korea, do not be afraid of Iran; do not be afraid of the nations, for in 2016 everything will change says the Lord. There will be a sound of liberty from the White House, There will be a sound of prayers from the White House.

Inconvenient Fact #1 : The United States (fortunately) did not “liberate” either North Korea or Iran.

Inconvenient Fact #2 : Geopolitically, nothing changed between the United States and both North Korea and Iran in 2016.

Kim Jong-un on 1 May 2020 04
Kim Jong-un at a fertiliser factory north of Pyongyang on 1 May 2020


Kim Clement : Kim Jong-un Death Prophesy Failed Again

It is truly gobsmacking that both his eldest son, Donné, and his friend and fellow evangelist, Lance Wallnau, still try to massage the false prophecies of Kim Clement for their own benefit.

Kim Clement has been proven wrong in his FOUR prophecies on Kim Jong-un’s death or removal from power.

He has been shown that his prophecies are nothing more than the pointless and baseless mutterings of a self-proclaimed prophet.

Ironically, Kim Clement failed to prophesy his own death, suffering a stroke in 2015, before dying on November 23, 2016.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un appears to be alive and well, and very much in control of North Korea.

Kim Jong-un on 1 May 2020 05
Is Kim Jong-un laughing at defeating Kim Clement’s many prophecies?


Matthew 7:15, 7:22~23 : Beware Of False Prophets!

It is truly perplexing that Christians continue to fall prey to false prophets and their false prophecies.

They would do well to look up these verses in that famous book called the Bible, which states :

Matthew 7:15

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Matthew 7:22~23

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Matthew 24:11

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Matthew 24:24

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Christians would do well to heed the words of the man called Jesus Christ, and turn away from prophecies and prophets.


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  5. B ry

    These things have no timeline unless the prophet gives a specific date and then its cut and dry. You should also know that calling out prophets is a risky proposition as well and can border on if not be outright blasphemous if you re wrong about them in line of doing and saying what God wants. Kim could still die and the north and south be united. Your list of facts of president supreme leader mean nothing really as it amounts to knit picking. In regards to prophets we are to test the prophecy. There have been many many prophetic words In the Bible that STILL have yet to happen and the word of God is NOT false. Kim crying to his people the last few days could be a sign of a crack in his brain but only TIME will tell. In 2016 everything did start to change with the election of Trump doing the will of God especially for Israel even if the left is vile and evil about it. One of comments prophesies was that the President would crush the enemies of Israel. In a war sense that really hasn’t happened but on a political sense things are moving and the vile media reports little to nothing on the good works that jared kushner is doing with arab nations for Israel. The Lord moves people and circumstances around to his will until it comes together for his good. Eyes are still on Korea and Iran for the above mentioned things. Unless something changes, clements claim of trump winning back to back presidential elections is up next. Also, he mentions an esther coming about in the middle of the presidents term which should be around his next inauguration if reelected. The esther, is supposedly going to bring about healing and question the violence going on within our country. Give the Lord time to operate and don t be a doubter or dismiss prematurely. There is a suggestion here that if Trump wins reelection the left will have a complete melt down more than they re already having and the Esther will get their attention by calling them out. All things to watch and given a few more years we should know if clement was one that went astray, wasnt one outright or of he is a bonafide prophet.

  6. TLC

    The author of this piece is a false journalist. If you would have done your research, you would know that Kim’s eldest is his daughter Donne’.
    The Lord says touch not mine anointed. You would do well to heed the advice of the other commenter. Kim was a great man of God.

  7. Spidrman

    This is a ridiculous article by a ridiculous journalist as I use that term loosely as. This article was written. You can’t fail if you haven’t dated it. Hmmm I wonder while they didn’t go over all that has came true. I have no doubt the rest will as well. No prophets ever prophecies their death. That isn’t something I think God would tell man. Otherwise we would all know. That was just a ignorant statement. Notice it is an A Wong person.


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