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Does Kinder Joy Wax Coating Cause Cancer?

A health alert claims that Kinder Joy has a wax coating that causes cancer.

Can wax cause cancer? Heck, does Kinder Joy even have a wax coating? Let’s find out!


The Kinder Joy Wax Coating Warning!

Several posts about Kinder Joy causing cancer have been circulating since 2014. Here is one example :

“Kinder Joy contains wax coating which is also used in styrofoam containers. That is why Kinder Joy don’t stick to each other when eating it.

Our body needs up to two days to clean the wax. Make sure you stop eating Kinder Joy. This wax can cause CANCER. Share if you care.


Does Kinder Joy Wax Coating Cause Cancer?

Is there any truth to these claims? Let’s break down the claims to easily digestible portions, and find out what’s true and what’s false…

Claim #1 : Styrofoam containers use a wax coating
Verdict : False

Styrofoam, which is a type of polystyrene foam, is hydrophobic. That means it naturally repels water.

Styrofoam containers therefore do NOT require a wax coating. Only paper cups and food containers require a wax or polyethylene coating to make them waterproof.

Claim #2 : The same wax coating is used in Kinder Joy
Verdict : False

Since styrofoam containers do not use any wax coating, this claim is automatically FALSE.

But let’s just find out if wax is even used in Kinder Joy. Here is the list of ingredients used in Kinder Joy (in descending order of content) :

Sugar, Palmolein, Skimmed Cow Milk Powder (19.5%), Palm Oil, Low Fat Cocoa Powder (4%), Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Fat, Toasted Wheat Germ, Wheat Starch, Powdered Barley Malt Extract, Emulsifier (Lecithin – INS 322), Whey Powder, Sunflower Seed Oil (High Oleic Acid), Raising Agents (INS 503ii, INS 500ii), Salt.

No wax, of any kind, is listed as an ingredient but it is possible that paraffin wax may be an unlisted additive.

Claim #3 : The wax coating prevents Kinder Joy from sticking to each other
Verdict : False

Paraffin wax, as well as other kinds of food-grade waxes, are commonly added to chocolates, candy, hard cheeses and baked goods to ensure that they remain solid at room temperature and/or to give them a shine.

Claim #4 : Our body needs up to two days to “clean the wax”
Verdict : False

Paraffin wax, as well as other kinds of food-grade waxes, are inert and indigestible.

That means whatever wax you consume will not be absorbed or change its form or chemistry.

It will just pass right through your gastrointestinal tract and get excreted in your poop.

Claim #5 : The wax coating causes cancer
Verdict : False

Food-grade waxes have been used as food preservatives and additives for thousands of years.

The most likely target of this warning is paraffin wax, which is commonly sold as baker’s wax or canning wax and have been used as a food additive since the 1930s.

There is one way paraffin wax can potentially cause cancer, but it’s not by ingestion.

A South Carolina State University experiment showed that burning paraffin wax candles for 5-6 hours in an enclosed space can produce significant amounts of harmful and potentially carcinogenic chemicals, including formaldehyde.


The Kinder Joy Cancer Claim Is 100% FALSE!

In conclusion, Kinder Joy does not have a wax coating. Neither do food-grade waxes of any kind cause cancer.

In fact, we would like to point out that many natural health stores and “experts” are advocating the use of natural waxes, as opposed to “chemicals” in baking, etc.

This warning is yet another of many fake warnings about “dangerous additives” in our food circulating on the Internet.

It preys on our fear of the unknown additives in processed food. As they say – you only fear what you don’t know.

But now we know that this is nothing but a bunch of baloney. Make sure you SPREAD the knowledge by SHARING this article with your family and friends!


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