Kindergarten + Childcare Can Now Open In PPN Phase 1 + 2!

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Kindergarten and childcare operators can start reopening in PPN Phase 1 and 2 areas, with SOME CAVEATS.

Here is what both business operators and parents need to know!


Kindergarten + Childcare Can Now Open In Phase 1 + 2!

On 17 September 2021, the government quietly released updated SOP documents that finally ALLOWED kindergarten, daycare and other childcare facilities to reopen in PPN Phase 1 and Phase 2 areas.

Officially, they were allowed to reopen from 17 September 2021 onwards, but they were encouraged to only start on 20 September 2021.

There are however, some caveats for both childcare operators and parents. So operators were allowed to opt-out of reopening, but they will have to discuss this matter with parents, or at least inform them.

Kindergarten + Childcare Can Now Open In PPN Phase 1 + 2!


Kindergarten + Childcare Restrictions In Phase 1 + 2!

The MKN SOP is short on details, but a kindergarten operator shared with us the list of restrictions on both operators and parents.

Limited To Working Parents

Only working parents are allowed to send their children to kindergarten, daycare and other childcare facilities.

  • Either parent is a frontliner
  • Both parents must go out to work *
  • One parent must go out to work *

* Those who are working from home (WFH) are not counted!

Working parents must submit a letter from their employer confirming that they must return to work to the kindergarten or childcare operator.

MKN : Work From Home Ends For CMCO Areas!

No Need For Prior Registration

Kindergarten and childcare operators do NOT need to apply for permission from the Ministry of Education.

They only need to issue their teachers a letter ordering them to return to work at their respective kindergarten or childcare facility.

Teacher Vaccination

Teachers who are fully vaccinated are ALLOWED to come to work, and conduct face-to-face teaching.

Teachers who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are ALLOWED to come to work, but FORBIDDEN from conducting face-to-face classes, or contact with students.

Kindergarten and childcare operators must ensure that all of their employees can prove their vaccination status at any time.

More Privileges For People Who Are Fully-Vaccinated!

COVID-19 Precautions

All students, teachers and other staff members are REQUIRED to wear a face mask.

All existing SOP like screening at the entrance, physical distancing, sanitisation procedures must continue to be practised.

Students who are symptomatic, or whose parents are symptomatic, are advised NOT to attend.

Students should maintain physical distance of at least 1 metre, preferably further if possible. If such physical distancing is not possible, then students should attend on a rotation basis.

Students are FORBIDDEN from sharing any equipment, including spoons, plates and cups.

The classroom and its equipment must be sanitised before and after each use. Its furniture must be arranged to ensure physical distancing.

Parents must bring their children to the childcare facility and back, without stopping at any other place.

Activities outside of the classroom are DISCOURAGED, but may be undertaken only within the compound of the kindergarten, daycare or childcare facility, with these precautions :

  • 1 metre physical distancing
  • wearing of face masks
  • proper sanitisation and cleaning of hands

Students are DISCOURAGED, but allowed to use outdoor sports or play equipment, but they must be sanitised before other students use them. For example, if a student uses a slide, the teacher must sanitise the slide before the next student uses it.

Parents who are unvaccinated are allowed to send their children to childcare facilities, unless they are symptomatic.

Beloved Milk Bottle & Pram Childcare Centre

COVID-19 Positive Cases

Kindergarten and childcare operators must report to the Ministry of Health if any of their students and/or their parents test positive for COVID-19.

They will also need to update the Ministry of Education through the COVID-19 module in SMPK (System Maklumat PraSekolah Kebangsaan / National PreSchool Information System).


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