Fake News Alert : KKM + MySejahtera SMS + Calls Are Legit!

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Are scammers sending fake SMS messages from KKM and MySejahtera to scam you out of your money?

Take a look at the viral post, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Claim : KKM + MySejahtera SMS Messages Are Fake!

People have been sharing a screenshot of two SMS messages from KKM (Malaysia Ministry of Health) and MySejahtera, claiming that they are scam messages.

RM0 MySejahtera: You are COVID-19 positive. Kindly refresh your MySejahtera Profile and click to declare your close contact: https://bit.ly/3jNvOqL

RM0 KKM Anda adlh COVID19 positif & masih belum menjawab status kesihatan hari ini. Segera lengkapkan H.A.T. di MySejahtera. Rujuk https://bit.ly/2VMaWrC

This is a scam. If receive don’t click. Please inform all ur family members and friends ….NETIZEN WATCHDOG

MySejahtera SMS messages

Many also include a link to the Kuan Evening Edition video to prove that these messages are indeed fake messages used by scammers in “phishing attacks”.

Xuan Evening Edition MySejahtera SMS warning


Truth : KKM + MySejahtera SMS Messages Are Legit!

The SMS messages in the screenshot are legit, and came from KKM and MySejahtera.

The truth is that viral message is FAKE NEWS, and here are the facts…

Fact #1 : The MySejahtera SMS Message Is Legitimate

The MySejahtera SMS message in English is legitimate. It warns you that you have tested positive for COVID-19.

You are therefore required to declare your close contacts in the MySejahtera app or website.

The link – https://bit.ly/3jNvOqL – leads to the Close Contact reporting page in the MySejahtera website (https://mysejahtera.malaysia.gov.my/help/closecontact/).

MySejahtera close contact page

Fact #2 : The KKM Telephone Number Is Genuine

On 24 September 2021, KKM confirmed that the 03-2703-3000 telephone number is genuine.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health uses that telephone number to call those identified as COVID-19 positive to fill up their Home Assessment Tool (HAT) in the MySejahtera app.

Fact #3 : The KKM SMS Message Is Legitimate

The KKM SMS message in Bahasa Malaysia is also legitimate.

It is a reminder that you did not fill in your Home Assessment Tool (HAT) in the MySejahtera app today.

Those who are under home quarantine must complete that home assessment test every day.

The Ministry of Health may issue a compound if you fail to perform the home assessment test, as required.

Fake News Alert : KKM + MySejahtera SMS + Calls Are Legit!

The link in the SMS – https://bit.ly/2VMaWrC – actually leads to a PDF infographic on the Home Assessment Tool (HAT) – https://www.infosihat.gov.my/images/media_sihat/poster/pdf/DiManakahHAT.pdf

The infographic explains who needs to perform self-monitoring using the HAT feature, and how to do it in the MySejahtera app.

Now that you know the truth, please SHARE this fact check, so your family and friends won’t be fooled by the fake news!

It is critical that everyone understands that these alerts are genuine, and take them seriously!


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