Covidiot Bully Arrested For Threats + Not Wearing Face Mask!

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This Covidiot bully went viral after he was caught on video threatening to “whack” people who asked him to put on a face mask!

Take a look at the two viral videos, and find out why this Covidiot bully was arrested!


Covidiot Bully : “You Wanna Kena Whacked?”

In this viral video, this Covidiot bully wanted to buy food at a roadside stall, but became belligerent when confronted for not wearing a face mask.

He started cursing and threatening not just the stall owners, but also another customer, “You wanna kena whacked?

The video went viral on social media, and netizens soon identified him as Shyamalan Jaganathan, a 33-year old licensing consultant who once worked for the Echez Group.

Covidiot Bully Shyamalan Jaganathan Arrested For Threats + Not Wearing Face Mask!

Echez Group has since announced that Shyamalan has not worked with them since 2018, stating :

We want to express to you that this person does not work with us since 2018 and does not represent the values and principles of our company.

We have already taken the necessary measures so that he can no longer use our name in social networks.

Echez Group respects and promotes among its employees, collaborators, and associates the application of the Biosafety protocols required in each geography where we have presence.

When his MyKad and His LinkedIn profile became public, he quickly deleted his LinkedIn account.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop netizens from coming across and sharing a video of a previous encounter in which he was abusive to another gym user.


Police Arrested This Covidiot Bully

The incident happened at Jalan Desa Bakti in Kuala Lumpur, at around 10:30 AM on 19 July 2021.

The stall owner’s daughter lodged a police report against Shyamalan a few hours after the incident.

The Brickfields police announced that they were investigating the matter under :

  • Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation
  • Regulation 17(1) of the Prevent and Control of Infectious Disease Regulations 2021 for breaking the Phase 1 SOP(not wearing a face mask)

On 20 July 2021, Deputy Brickfields OCPD Superintendent Basri Sagoni confirmed that they arrested Shyamalan near his house in Taman Desa Bakti at 8 PM last night.

On 21 July 2021, Brickfields District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Anuar Omar said that the police obtained a one-day remand extension, and he will be charged tomorrow (22 July 2021) for criminal intimidation and not following the COVID-19 SOP.

He could receive up to two years of prison and/or a fine for criminal intimidation, as well as a compound for violating the SOP.

Covidiot Bully Arrested For Threats + Not Wearing Face Mask!


Why This Covidiot Bully Is A Danger To Society

Shyalaman is just one of the few but very vocal people who refuse to abide by COVID-19 precautions, in particular – wearing a face mask in public.

If he has COVID-19, he can easily spread it to other people simply by standing next to them. When he walked up to the man in the video, he was more than just physically threatening the other customer.

This is a real concern as the Delta variant of COVID-19 is capable of infecting people in 5 to 15 seconds, if you do not wear a face mask.

That is why it is critical that everyone must wear a face mask in public, preferably double-masked, and put on a face shield or some kind of eyewear if possible.

You should maintain a physical distance of 2-3 metres from other people if you can. Please don’t be a Covidiot like Shyamalan.

And definitely GET VACCINATED against COVID-19.

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