KL Motorcycle Road Bullies With Fake Plates?

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A couple recorded their encounter with a few motorcycle road bullies, but here’s the kicker – the police told them that the number plates in their video were all FAKE!


A Close Encounter With KL Motorcycle Road Bullies

Hari Raya is supposed to be a joyous time, but a couple had the misfortune of encountering motorcycle road bullies right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Hi, would anyone would know him or his friends?

Yesterday we were driving along Jalan Sultan Ismail and were surrounded by this group of motorcyclists. The man in the picture kicked our car repeatedly, causing a dent. Then he banged on the driver’s side window, luckily it didn’t break. It was a terrifying case of road bully, being surrounded by this big group of motorcyclists.

KL Motorcycle Road Bullies With Fake Plates?

That’s because we were going straight at the junction, but he overtook and tried to turn right, almost causing a collision. He was not happy being honked at, and then the road bully started.

We made a police report already – the police said ALL the number plates shown in the video are FAKE. What are they planning to do next, with all those fake plates? Or what have they already done? It could happen to any of us.

KL Motorcycle Road Bullies With Fake Plates?

Help me share to identify the person? Videos attached but didn’t manage to record the one of him banging the window and shouting.

Thanks in advance.


KL Motorcycle Road Bullies : Police Report + Other Details

Here is English translation of the police report that Annie Lee and her fiancee made after their encounter with the motorcycle road bullies :

On 24/5/2020 at around 5:30 PM, my fiancee and I were driving a Peugeot 206CC on Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, in front of the Shangri-La Hotel when a Malay male riding a Yamaha LC motorcycle (plate number WA6482E) on the left side overtook us and cut towards the right lane.

I was shocked but managed to avoid hitting him. The man chased after my car until we reached the Hard Rock Cafe, and he kicked the left side of my car three times.

I continued driving for fear of escalating the situation, but when I stopped at the traffic light at the Bukit Nenas Monorail Station, the man stopped in front of my car, came down and slapped my side mirror. I left after the traffic light turned green.

Once I reached home, I found some dents and scratches on the left rear side of my car. I’m making this police report for further action from the relevant authorities.

Annie Lee Road Bullies police report

The police allegedly informed them that all of the number plates they could see in the videos were FAKE. However, at least one enterprising netizen discovered that the number plate had 9 outstanding summonses, with a total fine of RM 2,400.


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