Kluang In Johor Now Under MCO 3.0 Restrictions Too!

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MKN just declared that the district of Kluang in Johor will also come under MCO 3.0 restrictions!

Here are the latest details!


Kluang In Johor Under MCO 3.0 Restrictions Too!

On 9 May 2021, MKN announced that the Kluang district in Johor will come under stricter MCO (PKP) measures from 11 May 2021 until 24 May 2021.

This decision was made after the Kluang district recorded 512 cases of COVID-19 out of 3,867 screening tests conducted by the Ministry of Health (KKM) from 4 May until 8 May 2021.

KKM also reported that there are four active COVID-19 clusters in Kluang, and that the district had a positivity rate of 13%, with increased incidences in various villages and housing estates.

Inter-district travel is FORBIDDEN for these areas under MCO, except for emergencies or work purposes.

For those who need to apply to travel for emergencies, you need police permission. Please apply using this form.

Those travelling for work can use their employee’s pass, or employer’s letter to confirm that they need to travel for work.

Kluang In Johor Now Under MCO 3.0 Restrictions Too!


MCO Restrictions For Kluang

The same MCO restrictions announced earlier for other areas in Johor would also apply to Kluang, like :

  • Interstate and inter-district travel are FORBIDDEN, except for emergencies and work purposes.
  • Travel because of emergencies require police permission.
  • Travel for work requires worker’s pass or employer’s letter.
  • Schools are allowed to open, subject to risk analysis by the State Health Department.
  • Food premises, food trucks and food kiosks are only allowed to operate from 6 AM until 12 midnight.
  • Food can only be purchased to takeaway, through drive-through or delivered. NO DINE IN ALLOWED!
  • Grocers, convenience shops and pharmacies are allowed to operate from 6 AM until 10 PM.
  • Petrol stations are allowed to operate from 6 AM until 10 PM, except on highways where they can operate 24 hours.
  • Clinics, hospitals and medical labs can operate as usual.
  • Daily markets, weekly markets, farmer’s market are allowed to operate from 6 AM until 2 PM.
  • Ramadan bazaars are allowed to operate with strict SOP. It is up to the state to close them in MCO areas.
  • Economic activities are allowed in all MCO areas, with strict SOP.
  • Social activities are FORBIDDEN in all MCO areas – feasts, parties, weddings, receptions, anniversaries, etc.
  • Personal recreation – exercise and sports – is allowed, as long as there is no physical contact, with physical distancing of 1.5 metres.
  • Spa, night club, pub activities are FORBIDDEN.
  • Theme parks, indoor playgrounds, family karaokes and cinemas are FORBIDDEN.


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