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Why You Should NEVER Give Laser Pointers To Kids!

Eye injuries by laser pointers, especially in kids, are on the rise! Sadly, yet another case of eye injury has occurred, hammering home the message once again – NEVER give laser pointers to kids!


Another Eye Injury By Laser Pointers

A devastated mother, Gayle Kelly Hole, just shared how a green laser scarred her son’s left eye during a holiday in Turkey.

From her recollection, the hotel she was staying at sold laser pointers that parents were purchasing for their kids. Naturally, those children were playing with those laser pointers, shining them everywhere…

And like right into the left eye of her son, Alfie. Her son did not even notice, but the damage was done.

Alfie (my son) went to Spec savers recently (31/08/19) to have a normal check up aswell as my self. I’m pretty hot on check ups (Dentist,Hearing,Eyes) Alfie has them yearly.

On this particular check up the opticians they found something in the back left eye ball (white cloud type thing) So they referred us to Exeter Hospital Devon Eye Clinic, so today (17/09/19) we attended his appointment, with lots off tests/scans/eye drops …

4hours later we seen a consultant. We sat down anxiously waiting to hear what the results was, the consultant said “Have you been on Holiday recently?”

My reply “ Yes Turkey in May halfterm” He then continued to ask has Alfie been in contact with any lasers ….

I had to think 🤔 “Yes at Turkey they had evening kids discos and entertainment, and there was 10+ kids running around with these lasers that you could buy at the hotel shop, there where lots of kids running around at this disco as young at 3/4 years old holding them”

Consultant said “ Well Iv seen this 3/4 times in the last few years, the lasers should be banned, This Miss Hole is what has cause this (Scare) small hole in Alfie’s left eye.!!

I’m absolutely shocked, feeling slightly sick and nearly in tears… Consultant said “ Alfie has been caught in his eye with one off these green lasers lucky only for seconds and Alfie is VERY lucky he hasn’t lost his eye sight in the left eye.”

There’s nothing to help or get rid off this scar but we have to go back in 6months to check is hasn’t worsened, but hopefully the consultant said it won’t get worse but it will be with him the rest off his life!

The Consultant has very kindly wrote a report/letter for me to send to TUI and the hotel “Arcanus Side Resort” where they are selling this horrible/ dangerous laser to raise awareness.

As a mum on holiday you let your kids run around with other kids and when you see lasers/toys (small pen like lasers) like this you think and you would expect them to be safe because they are selling them at the 5* Hotel we was in, but how wrong that was, this small €14 Euro lasers pen they was selling at the shop , could off caused my sons left eye to go blind!!!

The picture below is off my sons left eye and Iv circled which it’s quite obvious where the scar is.

If I can help one child eyes by sharing this making big awareness on the green pen lasers on how dangerous they are.

Fortunately, her son did not lose his eyesight like the Greek boy who lost vision in his left eye after looking directly at the beam of a laser pointer several times.


US FDA Advice On Laser Pointers

The US FDA have, for years, been trying to educate people about the dangers of laser pointers. While they have legitimate use, they should NEVER be given to kids… because guess what – they are NOT toys!

They have restricted consumer laser pointers to 5 milliwatts or less because they can trigger your natural blink reflex to protect your eyes. However, your blink reflex is ineffective against higher-powered lasers and severe retinal damage can occur, even with momentary exposure!

Here is the US FDA’s current advisory on laser pointers :

  1. Never aim or shine a laser pointer at anyone.
  2. Don’t buy laser pointers for your children.
  3. Before purchasing a laser pointer, make sure it has the following information on the label:
    • a statement that it complies with Chapter 21 CFR (the Code of Federal Regulations);
    • the manufacturer or distributor’s name and the date of manufacture;
    • a warning to avoid exposure to laser radiation; and
    • the class designation, ranging from Class I to IIIa. Class IIIb and IV products should be used only by individuals with proper training and in applications where there is a legitimate need for these high-powered products.

But the main takeaway is this – Laser pointers are NOT toys! Do NOT give them to children!


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