Was A Lazada Delivery Guy Caught Licking A Parcel?

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Was a Lazada delivery guy caught on CCTV licking and spitting on a parcel before delivering it?

Find out what happened, look at the CCTV screenshots, and decide for yourself!


Was A Lazada Delivery Guy Caught Licking A Parcel?

Netizens are sharing pictures of a Lazada delivery guy who appears to be licking and then spitting on a parcel before delivering it, with these messages :

Please sanitize your Lazada packages today! This is what we saw from our CCTV.

Let’s continue to be vigilant. This CCTV footage was taken at the house of our friend in AAV only today.

They often have Lazada and Shopee deliveries so they already setup a drop off / sanitation table in their garage.

The CCTV footage shows 2 Lazada delivery guys with masks on their chin and one of them rubbed his face on the package then spat on it.

PLEASE PLEASE be careful with your deliveries. Sanitize and sanitize again!

There are evil people!

Was A Lazada Delivery Guy Caught Licking A Parcel?


Was The Lazada Delivery Guy Licking The Parcel? What We Know So Far…

The pictures are genuine, and appear to be taken from a CCTV feed by the house owner. However, the Lazada delivery man caught in the images are disputing the claim.

Here is what we know so far…

Fact #1 : The Incident Happened In Manila On 3 December 2020

Based on our investigations, the incident happened outside a home in Ayala Alabang in Metro Manila, at around 5:30 PM on 3 December 2020.

Fact #2 : The Lazada Delivery Man Denied Licking Or Spitting On The Parcel

The Lazada delivery man, Justine Rainer Israel of Pasay City, publicly denied licking or spitting on the parcel.

He accused the OP (Original Poster) of discrimination, saying that rich people like them look down on poor people like him.

Was A Lazada Delivery Guy Caught Licking A Parcel?

Here is the rough English translation, please correct us if we are wrong :

I am the one in the picture. Yes, I stuck my face on it but I did not lick or spit on your item or parcel.

You are rich, we are poor like that. You will do it, you will see something wrong.

I waited for more than 20 to 30 minutes at your gate in Ayala Alabang in the middle of the heat.

I sat down because it was tiring to wait for you rich people to collect your item, but why are you so judgemental?



I used your item to cover my face to protect from the heat because you took so long to come out. God bless to all of you wherever you are. I hope you will be happy forever!

Fact #3 : Netizens Dispute His Claim

After the Lazada delivery man protested his innocence, other netizens pointed out that :

  • he was wrong to remove his face mask and place the package against his face and mouth
  • the Lazada delivery team was only there for less than 6 minutes
  • he was seen in the CCTV footage swinging the package and hitting it against his leg

Was A Lazada Delivery Guy Caught Licking A Parcel?


Lazada Delivery Guy Licking Package : Should You Be Worried?

We do not think that delivery people are in the habit of licking or spitting on the parcels they deliver. But it is really unsanitary even if they merely place it against their unmasked face.

That said, the risk of catching COVID-19 from packages is practically nil.

Even though it has been considered a possible mode of transmission, there has been no record of anyone getting infected by COVID-19 through fomites – contaminated objects like that package.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to wipe down any parcel or package you receive. Even more importantly, you should always maintain good hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap, or using a hand sanitiser.

Wuhan Coronavirus : Hand Sanitiser or Soap? Which Is Better?


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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