Limkokwing University Hit By Teaching Permit Accusation!

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A whistleblower just alleged that Limkokwing University forced their non-teaching staff to register for a teaching permit to help them meet the Ministry of Higher Education requirements.

Limkokwing University Hit By Teaching Permit Accusation!


Limkokwing University : Troubles Began With King Of Africa Scandal

It all started with a petition to remove the large King of Africa billboard at Limkokwing University that went up in January 2020.

But even though they quickly removed it, it opened up a can of worms, with many former Limkokwing University staff members and students sharing their experiences of racism.

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Limkokwing University Hit By Teaching Permit Accusation!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the end of it, with a new whistleblower accusing Limkokwing University of forcing their non-teaching staff to apply and pay for a teaching permit.

Apparently, they asked them to do this, so they can meet the Ministry of Higher Education’s requirement for the university’s licence.

What’s even worse – the staff were asked to pay for their own teaching permit, and in a leaked audio recording, asked to resign if they refused.

The documents and screenshots were shared by an anonymous whistleblower, that was shared on a new website that is calling for the resignations of university founder, Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing and other members of the Limkokwing University SMT (Senior Management Team).

Do note that we cannot verify the authenticity of these messages, and the document, and are sharing them as-is.

Lim Kok Wing Teaching Permits Accusation


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