Was Lisa Marie Presley Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

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After Lisa Marie Presley died suddenly from cardiac arrest, people are sharing a screenshot of her saying she had no regrets getting vaccinated against COVID-19!

Take a look at the viral screenshot, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Lisa Marie Presley Got Vaccinated Against COVID-19!

Right after news broke that Lisa Marie Presley collapsed and died suddenly from cardiac arrest, anti-vaccination activists immediately claimed that singer-songwriter and the only child of Elvis Presley was a victim of the COVID-19 vaccine!

As proof, many are now sharing a screenshot of what they said was her Facebook post on March 12, 2022, in which Lisa Marie Presley allegedly said she had “no regrets” getting the COVID-19 vaccine!

The last two years have been years of significant change in our lives. The COVID-19 didn’t only take our jobs and security, it took our lives.

The idea of having a regular life like we used to, going out with family and friends and having quality time with them, motivated me to get vaccinated because I’m not only protecting myself, I’m also protecting others.

|I can’t lie, I was nervous initially, but I made my decision and I have no regrets!

To be informed about how best to protect ourselves and our loved ones is the smartest thing we can do. I chose the vaccine. Why did you decide to get vaccinated?

The vaccines prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19. The COVID-19 vaccines are free, even if you don’t have health insurance or aren’t a U.S. citizen.

Please visit https://bit.ly/elbeacon to join the El Beacon initiative to promote the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.

#ElBeacon @elbeaconcomunidad #ad #austin #texas #fashion #fashionblogger #austinblogger

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Was Lisa Marie Presley Vaccinated Against COVID-19?


Truth : Lisa Marie Presley Did Not Post About Getting COVID-19 Vaccine!

It’s now a tradition for anti-vaccination activists to immediately blame all celebrity deaths or illnesses on the COVID-19 vaccine.

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and propagated by anti-vaccination activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : That Viral Message Was Not Posted By Lisa Marie Presley

The viral message about not regretting getting the COVID-19 vaccine was not posted by Lisa Marie Presley – the American singer-songwriter, and the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

It was actually posted by a beauty and fashion blogger called Lisa Marie, who posted it on March 13, 2020.

Fact #2 : Lisa Marie Posted The Message With Her Photo

Some of you may think that it could have been a mistake. After all, Lisa Marie sounds very much like Lisa Marie Presley, no? Potayto, pohtato? Innocent mistake maybe?

I’m afraid, not. When Lisa Marie posted her message about getting vaccinated against COVID-19, she posted her photo – TWO of them in fact.

The person who took the screenshot would have noticed them.  Yet he/she cropped out the photo of Lisa Marie, and only took the screenshot of her text.

Why would anyone do that? Why???

Was Lisa Marie Presley Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

Fact #3 : Hashtags Give Plenty Of Clues

It is odd how people who claim to “know it all” missed the many clues offered by the hashtags in the viral message – #austin #texas #fashion #fashionblogger #austinblogger

Lisa Marie Presley lives in Calabasas, California, not Austin, Texas. She was also never a fashion blogger.

It is Lisa Marie, the young fashion blogger, who lives in Austin, Texas…

Fact #4 : They Look Nothing Alike

Perhaps the answer to the question of why would someone take a screenshot of the post without the accompanying photos of Lisa Marie lies in the fact that they look nothing alike.

The two ladies may share similar names, but they look different. Anyone who sees the photos would immediately realise that the post was not written by Lisa Marie Presley.

On the oft-chance that some readers will still dispute that claim, here is a close-up look of both ladies.

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Was Lisa Marie Presley Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

Fact #5 : Unknown If Lisa Marie Presley Was Vaccinated Against COVID-19

It is currently unknown if Lisa Marie Presley was vaccinated against COVID-19, as she has never publicly mentioned her vaccination status.

For all we know – she may not even be vaccinated! The COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory in the United States, despite what anti-vaccination activists may claim.

For example, anti-vaccination activists claimed that Kaden Clymer was almost crippled by a 6-foot long vaccine-induced blood clot, but the high school athlete was never vaccinated against COVID-19!

Until and unless her family reveals her COVID-19 vaccination status, anyone who claims that Lisa Marie Presley received the COVID-19 vaccine is likely lying to you.

Fact #6 : Claims Of Celebrities Injured By COVID-19 Vaccine Proven False

This is yet another example of anti-vaccination activists abusing celebrity deaths / injuries to create and propagate FAKE NEWS about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

So far, claims of celebrity deaths / injuries due to the COVID-19 vaccine have been proven false at every instance. Here is the latest dozen of other false celebrity claims!

Will these anti-vaccination activists apologise for lying to you? Nope! They will just move on to the next celebrity tragedy…

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Don’t forget to protect yourself, and your family, by vaccinating against COVID-19!


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