Lorry Ban + Court For Traffic Offenders During CNY 2023!

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Malaysia Transport Minister Anthony Loke just announced a lorry ban, and that seven major offences will be non-compoundable during CNY 2023!


CNY 2023 : Traffic Offenders Will Be Sent To Court!

On Wednesday, 17 January 2023, the Transport Minister of Malaysia, Anthony Loke, announced that seven traffic offences will be non-compoundable throughout the Chinese New Year festive season.

Motorists who commit these seven offences will no longer be allowed to just pay a fine, but will instead be referred to the courts.

  • Cutting queue
  • Overtaking on double lines
  • Running the red light
  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Using mobile phones while driving
  • Not wearing a seat belt or helmet
  • Driving on the emergency lane

The seven major traffic offenses are cutting queue, overtaking on double lines, disobeying the red light signal, driving over the speed limit, use of mobile phones while driving, not wearing a seat belt or helmet and driving on the emergency lane.

There will be no compound issues for these offences. Offenders will be referred to court.

To ensure stricter enforcement this year, about 2,000 JPJ enforcement officers will be deployed this Chinese New Year to reduce accidents and deaths.

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Lorry Ban + Court For Traffic Offenders During CNY 2023!


CNY 2023 : Lorries + Heavy Vehicles Banned!

He also announced that lorries and other heavy vehicles will be banned from the roads during the Chinese New Year festive season to reduce traffic congestion. The ban on heavy vehicles will last four days:

  • two days from January 20 to 21
  • two days from January 24 to 25

This prohibition is intended to avoid the risk of road accidents due to mixed traffic flow between heavy vehicles and light vehicles on the road, highways, apart from avoiding traffic jams.


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