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Magistrate Court SCAM ALERT! Ignore These Calls!

Scammers are targeting Malaysians with scam calls claiming to be LAST WARNINGS from a magistrate court!

Please alert everyone you know to IGNORE those calls, because they are just SCAM CALLS!


Magistrate Court SCAM ALERT!

Scammers are now using the threat of legal action by the courts to SCARE you into parting with your money.

How? By claiming that you have an outstanding subpoena or you missed a court hearing.

Here are two calls that I personally received, and they are similar to what my family and friends have reported receiving too :

Perlis Magistrate Court Scam Call

This scan call was made from a mobile number – 010-758-2714. It claimed that I missed a court hearing at the Perlis Magistrate Court for an accident that I was purportedly involved in.

Even though it sounded like an automated call system, it’s really just a recording because the “officer” will come online, even if you do not press any button.

Interestingly, the fake officer had all of my details – my full name, my identification card number and obviously, my mobile number.

However, it looked like the information they purchased was not complete because I have NEVER been to Perlis in at least 20 years!

I also pointed out to him – all official court summonses must be served, and no court will ever call the accused or witness by telephone.

Realising that I would not bite his bait, the fake officer who goes by the name of Mohd Khairul Azahar bin Harun, hung up!

That is something no real court officer will ever do. Never mind the fact that no court officer is so free as to call up people who miss their court dates!

Johor Bahru Magistrate Court Scam Call

This is a more believable call, with a Johor number – 07-2503-5474. No one will have the time to look up the Johor Bahru Magistrate Court’s many telephone numbers – all with the 07-22xx-xxxx prefix.

This time, they claimed that the Johor Bahru Magistrate Court issued a subpoena that I have yet to respond to, and that it takes effect TODAY.

Again, they employed a voice recording that simulates an automated messaging system. Yet again, I refused to key in either options, but the “system” automatically transferred me to an “officer”.

Again, the fake officer attempted to scare me with legal action, claiming that such calls are a final warning to those who did not answer to the court’s summon or subpoena.

As I pointed out to him – a genuine subpoena must be SERVED to the recipient, not conveyed by a phone call or voice message.

Again, this fake officer hung up because he realised I was not biting his bait.


Magistrate Court SCAM : What They Really Want

After convincing you that you have actually missed a genuine court summons or subpoena, they will tell you can be fined or jailed, depending on the story of the day.

They will then offer you a way out. Basically pay them a bribe to make the whole thing go away, or to reset the case so there will be a new court date.

In one case, they offered the potential victim an opportunity to settle the case with the accident victim to avoid a court case.


Magistrate Court SCAM : What Should You Do?

First and MOST IMPORTANT THING you should do when you get such calls is – DO NOT PANIC.

These are ALL scam calls. No court in the world will warn you about a subpoena or summon through telephone!

They have to physically SERVE you the court summon or subpoena, and that’s only AFTER the police have interviewed all relevant parties, INCLUDING yourself!

  1. If you are the timid sort, the best thing to do is HANG UP.
  2. If you are the aggressive sort, feel free to SCOLD THEM for trying to cheat people of their hard-earned money.
  3. If you have free time, just drag out the conversation for as long as you can. The longer the fake officer is stuck talking with you, the less time he or she has to scam another person.
  4. Make a police report, sharing with them the telephone numbers used.

Remember one thing though – these scammers already have all of your personal information :

Do NOT be impressed that they know those details – they purchased them from a third-party, PDPA be damned.


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