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Major Road Closure In Mutiara Damansara This Weekend!

Motorists going to Mutiara Damansara / Damansara Perdana, or passing through the Mutiara Damansara area this weekend, please take note of the major road closure!

MRT Corp. has announced the full road closure of Jalan PJU 7/1 and Persiaran Surian from 10 PM tonight (April 23) until 4 PM tomorrow afternoon (April 24). The road closures are to facilitate the installation of the link bridge steel structure for the future Mutiara Damansara MRT station.

They are closing 500 m on both bounds of Jalan PJU 7/1, which is the road you see below :

They are also closing 500 m on both bounds of Persiaran Surian, which is the road you see below. However, motorists can still use the Surian Underpass in both directions.

The road closures mean you won’t be able to turn into Jalan PJU 7/1 from Persiaran Surian and vice versa. It will also snarl traffic in the other routes in and out of the area.


Alternate Routes During The Road Closure

Here are the alternate route plans :

Green arrows : Motorists from Mutiara Damansara wanting to exit to Persiaran Surian (Kota Damansara bound) via Jalan PJU 7/1 will be diverted to Jalan PJU 8/1, proceed to Damansara Perdana interchange and turn right and then to the Bandar Utama Interchange and make to U-turn to access Persiaran Surian. On Persiaran Surian, motorists can use the Surian Underpass to head towards Kota Damansara/LDP.

Motorist from LDP heading to Mutiara Damansara can turn in to Jalan PJU 7/8 from Persiaran Surian or from the Damansara Perdana interchange.

Purple arrows : Motorists on Persiaran Surian wanting to access Mutiara Damansara via Jalan PJU 7/1 from Kota Damansara will be diverted into Persiaran Bukit Utama, turn left into Tengkat Bandar Utama and exit on Dataran Bukit Utama back onto Persiaran Surian. Motorists will then be able to use Jalan PJU 7/8 to access Mutiara Damansara.

Red arrows : Motorists from Mutiara Damansara wanting to exit to Persiaran Surian (LDP Highway bound) via Jalan PJU 7/1 will be diverted to Jalan PJU 7/4 and then exit via Jalan PJU 7/8.

Please take note of the alternate routes and share them with your family and friends. If you are coming to the area, or passing through, it pays to plan your travel tonight and tomorrow.


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