Did Malay Driver Attack Chinese Man With Axe For Honking?!

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Did a Chinese driver get attacked with an axe after he honked at a Malay driver in front of him?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Chinese Driver Attacked With Axe After Honking!

People are now sharing four videos together with this viral message about a Chinese driver getting attacked with an axe after he honked at a Malay driver in front of him!

Forwarded by another chat group. The Chinese driver at the back horn the malay guy in front. Maybe the malay driver in bad mood took an axe and chopped him.

Be patience on the road and do not horn unnecessary.

I will not be posting the videos, because they are shocking in nature. However, these two screenshots should give you an idea of the violence, and the videos I’m referring to.

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Did Malay Driver Attack Chinese Man With Axe For Honking?!


Truth : No Chinese Driver Was Hacked With Axe For Honking!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS circulating on WhatsApp, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Incident Occurred In Sabah

Let me start by pointing out that the viral videos are genuine, and were not edited. There was a recent incident where a man was hacked with an axe in Malaysia.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night, 9 August 2023, in Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Fact #2 : The Man Did Not Honk At Anyone

The incident did not involve honking. The victim – a 37 year-old man, had earlier parked his car at an open space near Menara Kinabalu – the Sabah state administrative centre.

He was having a meal with his 30 year-old girlfriend in his parked car, when three men approached his car at around 9 PM. One of the three man then proceeded to attack the victim with an axe.

The couple managed to escape to the nearby Alamesra police station to seek help, and lodge a police report. The victim was later sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. His girlfriend was not injured.

Fact #3 : Police Are Looking For The Three Men

The police are now looking for the three man to help with their investigation into the case – 37 year-old Withal Jalali, 27 year-old Abdel Jalali, and another man who has not been identified.

Those with information of the individuals or the incident are advised to come forward and report the matter at the nearest police station or contact the investigating officer Inspector Muhammad Khaidir Zakaria at 014-801-961.

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Winhal Jalali and Abdel Jalali
Left : Winhal Jalali | Right : Abdel Jalali

Fact #4 : The Motive Was Not Road Rage

The man who attacked the victim with an axe is believed to be Winhal Jalali – the woman’s ex-husband.

The woman is believed to have married the suspect in 2015, before they divorced about a month ago. She has known the victim for six months before starting a romantic relationship two weeks ago.

Kota Kinabalu Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zaidi Abdullah confirmed the incident on Friday, 11 August 2023, stating:

The man suffered multiple injuries to his face, hands and foot following the attack. We believe the motive of the attack was jealousy.

The case is being investigated under Section 326 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing grievous hurt using a dangerous weapon.

Fact #5 : Victim’s Identity Is Still Unknown

The victim’s identity is currently unknown. The police have not revealed his name, much less his race. Therefore, there is no evidence that he is a Chinese man.

Until and unless the victim and/or the police reveals his identity and race, anyone who tells you that he is a Chinese man is likely telling a tall tale.

Fact #6 : Two Suspects Are Suluk

According to the Kota Kinabalu police, the two suspects who have been identified – Winhal Jalali and Abdel Jalali, are from the Suluk ethnic group.

In other words – the claim in the viral warning that the driver was attacked by a “moody Malay man” is categorically false.

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