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Malaysia Buys 3.5 Million CanSino COVID-19 Vaccine Doses!

Malaysia just purchased 3.5 million doses of the CanSino Convidecia vaccine against COVID-19!

Get the details of this new vaccine deal, and find out what it means for the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Malaysia!


Malaysia Buys 3.5 Million Doses Of CanSino COVID-19 Vaccine!

On 1 April 2021, the Malaysia Minister of Health, Dr. Adham Baba, announced the purchase of 3.5 million doses of the CanSino COVID-19 vaccine.

This deal will be divided into two stages :

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CanSino COVID-19 Vaccine : Where Will It Be Used In Malaysia?

The CanSino Convidecia is a single-dose vaccine, so the 3.5 million doses will be enough to vaccinate 10.9% of the adult population in Malaysia.

It also requires only standard refrigeration at 2–8 °C (36–46 °F), which makes it easy to distribute.

Therefore, the Malaysia Ministry of Health plans to use the CanSino vaccine in rural areas, and areas where recipients find it difficult to come twice for their vaccinations.

They are also planning to use it to vaccinate foreigners in Malaysia.

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